Congressman Espaillat Hosts Safety Forum at 52nd Precinct

Congressman Espaillat Hosts Safety Forum at 52nd Precinct
by Robert Press

Police Commissioner James O’Neill holds some of the questions as he reafs them. Photo by Robert Press

The room at Our Lady of Angels had community residents, Bronx Police Precinct Commanders, and the NCO officers from the local precincts.

Congressman Adriano Espaillat and NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill wanted to hear from the community where the police precint had the NCO program in effect. Bronx District Attorney was on hand, and local elected officials dropped in during the forum.

Police Commissioner O’Neill spoke of the continued decrease in crime. He said that with the NCO program it is hoped that community residents will get to know, and then be able to trust the NCO officers to keep crime down.

There were questions to the commissioner, which when it involved a specific location he called up that precinct commander. Being that the forum was being held in the 52nd Precinct, most of the questions were directed towards Captain Peter Fiorillo.

Most of those questions were about quality of life, which Captain Fiorillo answered that the NCO officers would be staying after the meeting to speak individually on those questions.

Bronx DA Clark spoke pf the sixty-four arrests, and then thirty-nine more in one of the locations mentioned where she said gang activity was going on.

Congressman Espaillat welcomes everyone. Photo by Robert Press

The meeting lasted almost two hours, and many people stayed afterwards to ask more questions.

Accompanying photos were kindly provided by photographer David Greene.

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