Negron: Yankees, A Friend, and Barbara Bush

By Ray Negron 
CC Sabathia, DD Gregorious and other Yankee players were told of a little girls dealings with being bullied at her school in Pennsylvania. They felt her passion in her message to them and decided to take action. Several of the players including CC sent Little Cassidy tweeted Videos with sweet and strong messages.
One player said that there is no place in this society for kids to have to fear going to school because they are going to be picked on. The player who does not want to be identified because as a kid he was bullied and it was a very tough period in his life .He also says that society does not take this matter seriously enough. He is grateful that his teammates are standing up for the cause.
In the immortal words of Lou Gehrig
‘’ We’re Yankees, It’s what we do ‘’

Barbara Bush the wife of George H W Bush our 41st President, passed away yesterday at the age of 92. The former First Lady died of natural causes. The family says that she fought like a Champion and died very peacefully. I had met the First Lady several times throughout the years and can only say that she was a true human masterpiece.
My dear friend and curator to the Ted Williams Hall of fame Dave Mccarthy use to have presidential detail when he was on the state police. He always told me stories about how The First Lady would become a mother to everyone on the details. She always liked baseball and enjoyed it even more when her son George W Bush owned the Texas Rangers. Some people in politics say that she may of been our greatest First Lady. I will only say that next to my mom Jenny , she may of been the greatest LADY.
If you ever saw the old t.v. show The Courtship of Eddies father, then you would know the theme song. The song is called He’s My Best Friend.
Yesterday I had the honor of attending The Bronx Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala. There were several awards given out. The one that I was there for was called The Made In The Bronx Award. That award was given to Jerome Raguso of Ginos Pastry Shop in the Belmont Section of the Bronx.
There are many reasons why Jerome received this award. His shop has the best pastries not to mention incredible canolies in the country. His wife Jo makes the best Cappuccino in the world. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how much he loves his neighborhood and would never leave. I got to meet Jerome thru my friendship with the great actor and a man that I have always idolized, Chazz Palminteri.
Every one knows Chazz as Sonny from a Bronx Tale. I know Chazz as one of the best people ever. Chazz knows Jerome just about all his life and he says that his pal is truly like a brother to him. At one point Chazz said that Jerome is a warm hearted person that loves you to the end. Those are actually the words to the song he’s my best friend. Chazz said that Jerome is truly one of his best friends.
I asked Chazz why would he drive an hour and a half to get Jerome’s Pastries and he said because they are by far the best and because it’s my man Jerome who I love.
That right there tells me why Jerome received this award. I must also add that Jerome is always willing to let me make cookies with him and give them to the needy. That’s the guy I know and love.  I love his wife too. Without Jo, Jerome can’t win this award. Oh by the way, maybe the biggest Yankee fan on Author Ave.

Rotary Club of the Bronx 
Special congratulations to Ramon Garcia
Assistant Commissioner
School Safety N.Y.P.D.

The community service award should go to this guy every year. No one supports the police, especially those who take thier own time to mentor neighborhood kids like Ramon.
Ramon is responsible for over 1.2 million students in over 1800 NYC public Schools. Ramon works very closely with the Dept of education and is a firm believer that when crime is down kid marks are up.  I love this guy because he never left the Bronx and his passion for the kids of this city is like no one else.
I must also add that naturally he is a Yankee fan.
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