Building Collapse Could Pave Way for New Mini-mall in Norwood

Building Collapse Could Pave Way for New Mini-mall in Norwood
by David Greene

A developer making interior renovations to a section of property that one day could become a state-of-the art mini-mall, may have gotten assistance from mother nature– as a wind and rain storm brought down a section of the building’s facade and roof.

The front facade of the former Miramar Grocery and Botanica collapsed onto the sidewalk after a wind and rain storm on Monday, April 16.–Photo by David Greene

No injuries were reported, but both affected shops, the Miramar Grocery and Botanica along Hull Avenue have been closed for more than a year, when the collapse occurred at the one-story building on Monday, April 16.

The lone tenant MetroPCS was ordered to vacate and property owner Transition Acquisitions was ordered to put up a barricade and make emergency repairs.–Photo by David Greene

The property which consists of two stores on Hull Avenue and another three shops along East 204 Street were recently purchased by Brooklyn developer Transition Acquisitions, who prior to the collapse, was looking for several chain stores to sign leases, before turning the dilapidated 75 year-old building into a 2-story mini-mall.

According to Department of Building’s records, “DOB inspectors observed that the building suffered a partial roof and exterior wall collapse to the adjacent sidewalk.”

The DOB report continued, “The owners of the building have permits for the interior renovation of the building–and the project was already underway at the time of the collapse.”

Worker’s put up a temporary barrier as workers make emergency repairs to the building.–Photo by David Greene

According to the DOB, the owner received a violation for, “failure to maintain building,’ and was ordered to install a construction barrier around the property, and to hire a structural engineer to perform emergency work to stabilize the building.

DOB also issued a full vacate order of the entire property, forcing the lone tenant, MetroPCS, out of the building.

Faith Hope Consolo of Douglas Ellman Real Estate, the leasing agent for Transition Acquisitions, stated through e-mail, “I do not have any details” of the incident.

In a previous interview, Consolo said of the property, “We have the possibility to build two levels and really make something special.” She added, “The good thing about my owner is he has the money to design, invest and enhance” the property.

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