Negron: Batboy Tales

By Ray Negron

When You Give, You Get
I remember when I was a kid the great George “the Boss” Steinbrenner used to say that when you give for some spiritual reason you get. Yesterday, before the Yankees beat the Anaheim Angels 2-1, I was on the field watching batting practice. I noticed the youngest Yankee, Gleyber Torres, go over to a kid who was probably the youngest fan, talked to him and then gave him and his pal autographs.
Minutes later, I noticed the veteran of the baby bombers, at age 26, Aaron Judge doing the same thing. In the pictures I posted please notice the happiness on the faces of these kids. Those moments will last forever in the hearts of those kids.

I couldn’t help but to think of the Boss after the game because ironically Torres drove in both runs, hit a homer and made a couple of great plays and Mr. Judge made two brilliant throws that actually saved the game. So as usual, the Boss was right, when you give you get. Also, never forget the kids of this great country because they are the future. Thanks Boss, you’re always there.

They say that behind every great man there is a great woman. In this case the woman happens to be the young wife of the youngest baby bomber Gleyber Torres. His wife Elizabeth was a guest of the Yankees Team President, Randy Levine. It was very touching to see this young lady rooting her man on. If you ever get an opportunity to meet this wonderful young couple, you will understand why they make such a great team.

People always ask me who my favorite Yankees were. That’s always a very tough question for me because in the seventies most of them were truly like my brothers. However it is no coincidence that with the exception of Reggie Jackson (he wasn’t married) my favorite players had the best wives.
Thurman Munson….Diana
Bobby Murcer……..Kay
Ron Guidry …….Bonnie
Mickey Rivers….Cookye
Willie Randolph…Gretchen
Catfish Hunter….Helen
Chris Chambliss…Audrey
Lou Piniella….Anita
I don’t care what anybody says, these ladies were always behind their man.
You can actually go all the way back to Lou Gehrig and his great wife. Eleanor, who I was lucky enough to have known. She made me understand what a true baseball wife was all about. Years later Diana Munson and the rest of these wonderful ladies verified Eleanor Gehrig’s words with their actions. I hope that someday I can put these great ladies together with Elizabeth Torres so that Elizabeth can learn from them and help lead the future Baby Bomber wives.

Picture of the Week.
I made my semi-annual visit to P.S. 55 in the Bronx. They say that this school is the poorest school in the city but if you know their principal Luis Torres, and the Hearts of his kids then you know that this is the richest School in America.

Ray Negron is a contributing columnist for the Bronx Chronicle. He is also a columnist for Newsmax and and can be heard weekends on ESPN 1050AM Deportes Impact the highest rated program on the station.

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