United States Census 2020 Garinagu, Abahüdüawa Wama

United States Census 2020 Garinagu, Abahüdüawa Wama
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New York (June 5, 2018) – The Garifuna Coalition USA, Inc. a, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization , advocating on behalf of the Garifuna Community, is pleased to announce its partnership with the United States Census Bureau, supporting their efforts to increase data use, raise awareness, and strengthen participation in Census Bureau surveys and programs. In addition, it has partnered with NewYork Counts 2020, to make sure that Garifunas are counted properly.

The period from 2018 through September 2019 is the education phase and is often referred to as the “Raising Census Awareness” phase about the importance of the census and the need for local support to ensure a successful count.

As a multi national, multi lingual, multi faith ethnic immigrant group, the Garifuna Community hastypically been harder to reach and/or enumerate, placing them amongthe Hard-To-Count (HTC) populations and at high risk of being undercounted during Census 2020.
As a Census 2010 partner, the Garifuna Coalition USA, Inc. has taken the lead to spread the message about the importance of participation in the Garifuna community. It will once again launch the Garinagu Abahüdüawa Wama, Garífuna Stand up and be Counted!, ¡Garífuna Hagámonos Contar!Campaign. In addition it will organize a Garifuna Complete Count Committee (GCCC),a team of community organizations brought together to design an outreach plan to serve as Census ambassadors helping to create awareness about the importance of participating.

Once a decade, America comes together to participate in the decennial census, creating national awareness of the census and statistics. This census provides the basis for reapportioning Congressional seats, redistricting, and distributing billions of dollars in federal funding to support state, county, and local community’s vital programs. Local government officials use the census to ensure public safety and plan new schools, hospitals and public transportation. The Garifuna Coalition USA, Inc. wants the Garifuna people to be accurately counted so they get their fair share of funding and representation for the next decade.

Towards that objective, it has partnered withthe U.S. CensusBureau Regional Partnership programs, which helps form and manage effective Complete Count Committees (CCS). Complete Count Committees are one of the core strategic elements for the 2020 Census.  The Census Bureau Partnership Specialists will serve as technical advisors and information resources for all CCCs.

In addition, it has partnered with New York Counts 2020; a broad-based, statewide coalition composed of racial, ethnic, immigrant, religious, health, education, labor, housing, social services, and business groups working in partnership with state and local government officials.  Their aim is to ensure that New Yorkers across the state particularly marginalized communities in hard-to-count districts – can fully maximize their participation in the 2020 Census.

The goal of the partnerships is to support the Census Bureau efforts to increase data use, raise awareness, and strengthen participation in the surveys and programs and to raise the awareness of the importance and criticality of Census 2020, so Garifunas can fully maximize their participation in the 2020 Census.

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