Letter to the Editor: A New Study from the Citizens Housing & Planning Council (CHPC)

To the editor,

Tough times call for creative thinking and innovative solutions at the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). Thankfully, a new study from the Citizens Housing & Planning Council (CHPC) spotlights a path forward for NYCHA and its tenants.

CHPC looked at a pilot program that, through a public-private partnership, made $80 million in renovations at six NYCHA developments encompassing 874 units, and introduced new management structures.  Renovations included both facades and interiors, improving landscaped areas, new boilers, elevators and security upgrades at the buildings.

The results show not only improved physical quality of the buildings, but a direct impact on quality of life for residents at these developments. Tenants in pilot buildings felt safer, that day-to-day management was more responsive, and that emergency repairs were fixed more rapidly.

This pilot shows that where you have funding, you have solutions, and that innovation can yield success. Moving forward, NYCHA should explore more public-private partnerships that will make necessary capital for improvements available while preserving affordability. It’s a win for NYCHA, their partners, and most important of all, the tenants.

The study can be found here.

Jessica Katz

Executive Director

Citizens Housing & Planning Council

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