BronxNet – Bronx Connections Wins Award


IPPIE Award Recipients – 1st Team of Students/Bronx Develops Producers: (rear, l. to r.): Jake Shore, Andrew Seger, Diana Nelson, Julia Rist; Partner Organizations/Project Leaders: (front, center): George Bodarky, Robin Shannon; (rear, c. to r.): David Cruz, Marisa White, Michael Max Knobbe. (Courtesy of Bronxnet)

BronxNet, Norwood News and WFUV Radio are sharing the honor of an Ippie Award from City University of New York School of Journalism’s Center for Ethnic Media. The three organizations, along with the participating Fordham University students, were awarded first place for best multimedia package, Bronx Develops, a story produced in partnership, as part of a project titled Bronx Connections. The story, which focuses on housing topics in the Bronx, was produced by both BronxNet and WFUV Radio, and was later aired on WFUV Radio and published in the Norwood News.

Bronx Connections, a semi-annual project is a collaboration between BronxNet, The Norwood News, and Fordham University’s WFUV Radio. Student Reporters from WFUV Radio gather stories on current events occurring in the Bronx. Each organization shares the reporters’ stories via their outlet. Reporters participate in panels that include discussions on topics such as housing, the challenges of healthy eating and the cost of food in the borough. Reporters are able to discuss their stories with each other and with producers who provide important feedback.

As part of the Bronx Connections project, WFUV Radio News Director George Bodarky also produced the Strike a Chord campaign, where guests were invited to discuss Bronx issues for a televised program. Mr. Bodarky also worked with BronxNet to produce Cityscape, a radio/TV project presenting interesting locations in the Bronx.

“With Strike a Chord, we wanted to focus on one issue and on one story. We started a public service campaign and wanted to partner with BronxNet to reach out to a more diverse audience,” said George Bodarky.

BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe stated, “We at BronxNet are proud of our partnership with WFUV and the Norwood News, and we look forward to building on the success of this exemplar community focused multimedia series. This project presents opportunities for the public to learn more about issues and the solutions that can bring our communities together, and provides experiential learning, while encouraging outstanding student achievement.”

Norwood News Editor David Cruz commented, “The Bronx Connections project is providing valuable experiences for all the participants. I’m happy that George Bodarky asked Bronxnet to participate because they have added such great value to this collaboration. I am happy to be working with the team.”

“What’s important for the Bronx is that these stories are covering what is happening in the borough and what is relevant to the residents of the Bronx. It’s beneficial to the community to have these stories investigated and put on the air on radio, television and in the newspaper. It’s also important because the students from WFUV Radio get to work with our BronxNet TV station, and also with the newspaper. It’s valuable to BronxNet to work with two strong media partners. The students are learning from us and we are learning from them, said BronxNet Director of Creative Services Marisa White.”

The Bronx Food Fights, a Bronx Connections episode focusing on food equity in the Bronx, will be televised and repeated for two weeks on BronxNet Ch. 67/Optimum and 33-Fios, and webcast at, beginning July 19th at 7:30 p.m.

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