Transit Advocates and Bronx Elected Officials Mount Bus Rider Communication Blitz Wednesday to Support MTA Bus Redesign Workshops

Transit Advocates and Bronx Elected Officials Mount Bus Rider Communication Blitz Wednesday to Support MTA Bus Redesign Workshops

Across All Media Platforms, the Bus Turnaround Coalition and Officials are Doing Mass Push About the Importance of MTA Workshops for the Future of Bronx Network

Bronx, NY–With the MTA planning a series of interactive workshops to determine the future of the Bronx bus network, advocates and elected officials joined forces Wednesday to spread the word about the upcoming public events and the importance of this once-in a lifetime redesign of buses. As part of New York City Transit President Andy Byford’s Fast Forward Plan, released last spring, the agency is redesigning its local and express bus networks in all five boroughs, beginning with the Bronx. The MTA is hosting a series of workshops throughout the Bronx to learn more about bus riders’ travel patterns and priorities for service improvements.

This list of elected officials that are participating in today’s Communication Blitz:


  • Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.


  • Senator Luis Sepulveda

  • Senator Jamaal Bailey

  • Senator Jose Serrano

  • Senator Gustavo Rivera

  • Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz

  • Assembly Member Nathalia Fernandez

  • Assembly Member Marcos Crespo

  • Council Member Ritchie Torres

  • Council Member Rafael Salamanca Jr.

  • Council Member Andy King

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Elected officials representing Bronx neighborhoods informed their constituents about this exciting opportunity for bus riders to help shape the future of buses in the Bronx via social and online media. Elected officials took to Twitter and Facebook and included information about the upcoming workshops in their newsletters. With recent development and job growth in the Bronx, bus service has lagged behind. These workshops will give riders the opportunity to produce a redesigned bus network that meet the needs of 21st-century Bronx.

The Bus Turnaround Coalition is made up of NYPIRG’s Straphangers Campaign, the Riders Alliance, TransitCenter and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. Formed in 2016, the Coalition successfully engaged in grassroots organizing and policy advocacy to win historic commitments from the MTA to improve service, including network redesign, all-door boarding and a new fare payment system. Now, with these redesign workshops taking place all across the Bronx, the Coalition’s win is bearing fruit, with Bronx riders able to inform the future of bus service in their borough.

“These redesign workshops are in direct response to our grassroots efforts calling on the MTA to improve local bus service. They heard us, now riders have the opportunity to help shape the future of bus service in the Bronx, said Stephanie Burgos-Veras, Senior Organizer with the Riders Alliance. It’s an exciting time for Bronx bus riders, they are playing a critical role in the future of bus service, improvements that will impact their lives. We applaud the MTA for providing riders multiple opportunities to participate in these workshops.”

“Since the first day I was elected into office, we have been emphasizing the importance of building up our infrastructure to build up our borough,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “One of the ways to nurture a robust economy is focusing on our borough’s infrastructure system, moving people with ease and in a timely manner between work and home. There are portions of our borough that are dependent on an efficient bus service to get to their places of employment, and this is a great opportunity for our voices to be heard as we look for ways to help our most valued commodity, the people who call this borough home. Join us at these information sessions as we work to make our borough’s bus system more efficient and easier to use.”

The Bronx relies heavily on its bus system and unfortunately, many neighborhoods have been placed at a disadvantage due to inefficient bus routes. I represent Co-op City, which is one the largest communities in the Bronx that heavily relies on buses as a primary mode of transportation. Often, Co-Op City residents, many of them senior citizens, struggle with consistent bus service on a daily basis,” said Senator Jamaal Bailey. I am confident and hopeful that the MTA will ensure that their Fast Forward plan addresses the concerns and issues that riders have expressed. I also urge my constituents to attend the workshop to ensure that they can raise their concerns and let their voices be heard.”

“With changing demographics in the years since these bus routes were last  laid out in the Bronx, it is critical that we all speak up about the needs of bus riders in the borough, who must depend on reliable, convenient and on-time service to get to their jobs, schools, doctors’ appointments and a host of other destinations. I urge everyone to please check the meeting calendar for an upcoming MTA workshop near you at #busturnaround. We all need to speak out on a smart, efficient makeover for the Bronx bus system,” said Senator Luis Sepulveda

“The bus network in the Bronx is long overdue for a redesign,” said Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez. “People have been dealing with delays, mismanagement, and inefficiency for far too long. I am excited to see that the MTA is working towards this redesign. Having the local commuters voice their opinions and concerns to the design group through these workshops will prove integral to properly redesigning the network. After all, it is the commuters who are most affected by these changes. I believe this is a strong step towards a positive change for the Bronx and I look forward to seeing the change.

“The people of the Northwest Bronx have every right to complain about the dismal state of our bus service. Over 200,000 bus riders every day travel along the 18 routes in my district, many of which reflect antiquated travel patterns with circuitous routes and frequent congestion hotspots that lead to slow bus speeds and frequent bus bunching. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to be part of the solution by joining NYCT during these Bronx Bus Network Redesign Workshops over the next month, said Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz”

“The redesign of the Bronx’s bus network marks the beginning of a vast overhaul of our city’s bus system, which for too long has fallen victim to slow and unreliable service, said Jaqi Cohen, Campaign Coordinator with Straphanger’s Campaign. Bus riders throughout the Bronx now have the opportunity to engage with the MTA about this network redesign by attending a series of upcoming workshops within the borough, and we encourage all Bronx bus riders to attend these workshops and provide their invaluable feedback to help make this redesign a success.”

“Bronx buses are failing. Last year the Bus Turnaround Coalition gave D and F grades for service to 36  local Bronx bus routes, with just one Bronx route earning an A. These workshop are a chance for riders to let the MTA know what they need from bus network redesign, said Ashley Pyrce, Communication and Advocacy Associate with Transit Center.”

“The Bronx deserves a 21st century bus system that reflects the needs of today’s riders. As populations and employment centers have grown and shifted over the years, bus routes have changed very little, said Liam Blank, Advocacy & Policy Manager of Tri-State with Tri-State Transportation Campaign.  A full bus network redesign is necessary to connect people in the Bronx with the places that they want to go to today. That is why it is crucial that everyone participates in the MTA’s Bus Network Redesign Workshops over the next month. This is a bold step in the right direction and TSTC commends the MTA for working with the community to develop a vision for our future transit system.”

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