Profile America: Father of Air Force One’s Iconic Design Born

US Air Force One

Sunday, November 4th. Tomorrow marks the birthday in 1893 of a man who significantly influenced the look of the ensuing 125 years. Raymond Loewy was known as “the father of industrial design.” His designs are part of American life — from the familiar Coca-Cola bottle, to the paint scheme on Air Force One, and the interior of the space shuttle. He designed the first streamlined railroad train, and post-war Studebakers. Loewy’s philosophy was that between two products of equal quality, the best-designed one will sell better.

Today, styling is a key attraction in helping move new and used cars off the lots of the nation’s nearly 47,000 automobile dealers in a roughly $740 billion annual business.

You can find more facts about America from the U.S. Census Bureau online.

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