Hot Stove Update; Yankees & Mets

By Rich Mancuso/ Sports Editor

Talk and rumors have intensified and that is expected now with the MLB Winter Meetings in Las Vegas December 9-14th. In the coming weeks and prior to the meetings it is all speculation as to what the teams will do.

And of course, the Yankees and Mets talk is interesting because certainty is both teams will make appropriate moves to better themselves for the 2019 season.

On the trade block,  pitchers Sonny Gray of the Yankees and, perhaps, Noah Syndergaard of the Mets.  Of the two, Gray is expected to be gone. It is more logical for the Yankees to let a pitcher go who has not lived up to expectations in New York. Let’s face it, Sonny Gray is not the front line starter the Yankees need. If he was, Gray would have been on the post season roster and he sat out the early exit Yankees post season run.

So, Yankees GM Brian Cashman has made it known he is seeking two starters to go along with Masahiro Tanaka and Luis Severino, now that CC Sabathia was re-signed for a final year at a reasonable price.  Expect a move of Gray out of the Bronx and prior to the Winter meetings as there is increasing and reliable talk that the Cincinnati Reds or Oakland A’s would be takers for Gray.

And it won’t cost the Yankees much to get something in return for Gray. We are not talking about a major position player here. But there will be more significant moves that Cashman will pursue and that could cost. The need is to replace possible voids in the bullpen with Zach Britton and David Robertson on the free agent market.

Brian Cashman, General Manager Credit:

Will the Yankees, as speculated, be players in obtaining Manny Machado or Bryce Harper? They can afford one or the other top free agents on the market. Sources say Cashman and the Yankees are exploring options, more so because shortstop Didi Gregorius and his recovery from Tommy John surgery is not expected back until  July or August and that is being positive.

Machado, he can be a good fit to fill the void. The cost  of Machado, and also a damaged reputation of not being a hustler, that did not go well with the Yankees hierarchy. That could prevent Machado from coming to the Bronx and fill that temporary void at shortstop.

The Mets are expected to upgrade an offense that did not help a quality pitching staff in 2018. The needs are improving at the plate as one of the lowest run producing teams in the National League, which also cost CY Young winner Jacob deGrom of a possible 20-game win season.

Now to the rumors. Noah Syndergaard? Behind deGrom, a reason the Mets can contend next season. The right-hander throws hard and opposing GM’s are in the hunt for a viable starter that can make the difference.

So the Mets, according to reports, they are listening. It’s that creative and exploring part of the baseball hot stove talk and the Mets will listen. But to trade away Syndergaard, and every baseball expert will say this, the Mets need to get value in return.

Top prospects in return, and yeah the Yankees have done that with success in moving players. The Mets with a new GM in Brody Van Wagenen are committed to spending and intend to be active with trades,

Noah Syndergaard, he provides the proper piece to get something back in the process of winning in 2019.  So there is this talk about obtaining prospects in a proposed trade with the San Diego Padres. The Mets in return would get Padres’ top prospect Fernando Tatis Jr. and the reports are he is not Major League ready

Meaning, the Mets with prospects of their own, should not make the move. Noah Syndergaard is a strength of their pitching rotation and good arms with enough run support will win ballgames.So, and unless there is a blowout type of deal on the table, Noah Syndergaard is staying where he is.

In a nutshell, Sonny Gray is out of the Bronx and Noah Syndergaard remains with the Mets. Machado and Harper are not coming to New York, as of now.  Winter meetings are a month away and time will tell.

It’s hotstove time and this talk is part of the ballgame.  Twitter@Ring786 Mancuso







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