Bronx County Elected Officials Join Call for More New York Solar Urge Goal of 1,000,000 Solar Households–Including 100,000 Low Income Households–Across New York

Bronx County Elected Officials Join Call for More New York Solar

Urge Goal of 1,000,000 Solar Households–Including 100,000 Low Income Households–Across New York

Bronx, NY – October 17, 2018 – Bronx County elected officials are joining advocates to urge New York State to support the bold new goal of powering one million New York households–including 100,000 low-income households–with solar by 2023. The effort is being organized by the Million Solar Strong Campaign, a movement of leading industry, environmental, clean energy and community organizations. The Million Solar Strong Campaign  is gaining momentum with a number of prominent state and local leaders endorsing the call for more New York solar.
“Our green economy is creating the jobs of the future, and it is important that New York be at the forefront of the shift to a ‘green collar’ economy,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “As we move away from fossil fuels, we must be prepared to replace traditional fuels with cleaner, renewable energy sources like solar. It is time for New York to take the lead and commit to solar energy. With smart planning and a true commitment at all levels of government, we can reach the goal of powering one million households with solar energy in the next five years.”
“Transforming our energy system into a more green economy will improve the lives of New Yorkers and will make New York a leading green state. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to encourage the transition into solar energy. I am proud to support the Million Solar Strong campaign, which aims to having over one million households in New York powered by solar energy by 2023,” said State Senator Jamaal T. Bailey.
“For too long, the Bronx has been at the epicenter of failed environmental policies that have largely affected the well-being of its residents,” said State Senator Gustavo Rivera. “Expanding solar will help our borough, our City, and our State generate new revenue streams while connecting residents to innovative economic opportunities through effective partnerships. Further, this effort will help our State move away from harmful fossil fuels and towards adopting cleaner and more reliable renewable energy sources. I am pleased to join the Million Solar Campaign and look forward to helping them reach the goal of one million homes in New York State powered by solar by 2023.”
“I fervently hope that we have not reached a point where it is too late to turn global warming around. But unless the world community understands that a massive effort is needed to simply even slow it down, I fear for my children’s and their grandchildren’s future. We must focus wherever we can on pushing for safe, sustainable alternate forms of renewable energy. Solar power is, I believe, is one of the keys to that solution. I join with the Million Solar Strong Campaign in urging Gov. Cuomo and the state to support its goal of one million solar powered homes by 2023,” said State Senator Luis Sepulveda.
“As the needs of the world change it is our responsibility to respond and evolve along with certain demands. As climate change continues to show us it’s very real impacts; we must act and create pathways that lead us to the resources we need in order to avoid the risks,” said Assemblyman Marcos A. Crespo. “I commend Million Solar Strong as they look to power 100,000 low-income households with solar power by 2023. This is an essential step towards creating sustainable growth, reducing poverty and essentially transitioning to a real green economy.”
“Solar power will make our present and future quality of life more environmentally safe and equitable.  I stand with the Million Solar Strong Campaign as we must find ways to provide solar power to more New Yorkers, especially our neighbors in The Bronx and anywhere in low income areas,” said Assemblyman Michael Blake.
“With every intense storm that batters our coast, the need for climate action becomes more dire. In the face of a federal administration that rejects an overwhelming body of scientific evidence about the impact carbon emissions have on our climate, New York State must help to fill this leadership void. We must transition towards clean and renewable energy infrastructure immediately or else risk another Hurricane Sandy destroying our city,” said Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz. “I applaud the goal to power one million New York households with solar energy by 2023 and encourage the Bronx to help make our voice heard in this call for a renewable tomorrow.”
Making New York ‘One Million Solar Strong’ is the most important thing Governor Cuomo can do to protect and strengthen New York’s significant progress on solar. Currently, New York State has over 200,000 households powered by solar and 9,000 workers in the fast growing solar industry. Powering one million New York households with solar will generate jobs, reduce and stabilize utility bills, stimulate local investment, cut harmful air pollution, accelerate an equitable transition to our clean energy future, and counter the Trump Administration’s attacks.
The coalition is calling on Governor Cuomo to institute and support concrete policies to reach the one million solar strong goal. The coalition has released two roadmaps outlining robust policy recommendations to achieve the goal of one million households and one hundred thousand low-income households powered by solar, including:
  • Fair customer compensation
  • Drive accelerated and diverse solar growth
  • Facilitate affordable financing for solar growth, especially for new market sectors and underserved communities
  • Make solar a win-win for municipalities and customers
  • Ensure the modern grid and solar serve each other
  • Expand access for low-income, environmental justice and other underserved communities
The Million Solar Strong Coalition is a movement of industry, environmental, clean energy and community organizations united by the vision of a strong clean energy economy that works for all New Yorkers. Visit to learn more about the campaign calling on Governor Cuomo to adopt a goal of one million solar households by 2023 and to read the policy roadmaps.
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