NYBG Bar Car Nights

By Jason Gonzalez 

Prior to the New York Botanical Garden [NYBG] concluding its Bar Car Nights seasonal showcase, The Bronx Chronicle checked out the pristine scenery one last time under the carnivalesque lights. The Bar Car Nights is a holiday outing at the 250-acre landmark in the Bronx that caters to a mature audience.

With the festival growing larger in popularity, the 21 and older crowd can now kick back and enjoy an evening at the garden with a cocktail, such as the signature spiked hot cocoa in hand, observe the Holiday Train Show, stare at the marvelous ice sculptures, enjoy singing and dancing, as well as the holiday-favorite roasted chestnuts.  

Photos: Jason Gonzalez

The wintry landscape of the NYBG creates the proper setting for the gleeful, romantic outdoor adventure. The Holiday Train Show is the main attraction of the event. Spectators can witness the electronic model trains travel through a series of familiar train station stops, as well zipping by other iconic landmarks throughout the ‘Big Apple’.

The highlight of the evening was seeing the replicas of all the bridges throughout the city, which were made from bundles of branches. There was also an opportunity to interact with the ice sculptors.  

The Bar Car Nights is one of the major holiday highlights in the “Boogie Down”. If by chance you happened to miss it, we highly recommended that you attend it this upcoming holiday season. With the Metro North across the street, the NYBG is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Manhattan. Although the Bar Car Nights may be over, the Holiday Train Show will run through Monday, January 21. 

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