Dynasty Will Continue For Patriots

By Rich Mancuso/ Sports Editor

Take a seat and here we go again because the New England Patriots are a slight favorite to win another Super Bowl Sunday and they probably will get another Lombardi Trophy. The Rams will give them a game but as this columnist said last February, with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at the helm why go against New England?

So look at it this way, Brady the eventual Hall of Fame bound quarterback and Belichick also in that category as Hall of Fame bound, the Rams have an opportunity but the Patriots are the masters of winning the big game.

Prove this to be wrong, and anything can dictate the pace of a game, however the Patriots always find a way to overcome a deficit and the reason is the fourth quarter plays of Belichick and Brady.

So, if the Rams don’t take control and go into that final quarter with a comfortable margin, you know where this is going for the Patriots.  Out comes the playbook from Belichick and there goes Tom Brady once again leading the Patriots down the field and to another Super Bowl title.

There are minimal words to describe what has evolved here. Dynasty, one that never seems to elude the Patriots, a franchise up in Foxboro and public enemy number one with football fans. The enemy this time of year and it’s attributed to this duo of Belichick and Brady.

Perhaps, and in all probability, when this book is closed, the NFL and sports will never again witness this type of dynasty.  There are flaws with their system that come with success, There is that controversy that follows them and will be chronicled all the time.

And with constant success there is always that stigma of rooting against the Patriots. Similar to feelings about the Yankees and Floyd Mayweather Jr. the undefeated and retired fighter, the feel is root for the underdog and root against the dynasty.

However, the New England Patriots and this dynasty are in their usual position. Another Super Bowl title is inevitable and the Patriots’ offense will run and pass all over a Rams’ defense that can’t stop the rush.

Jared Goff, a third year quarterback for the Rams is formidable. However, on the other side is Tom Brady and this dynasty known as the New England Patriots.  All signs point to this legacy up in New England to continue Sunday in Atlanta Georgia.

The Game? It will be close and that Patriots fourth quarter could be the difference.  The Rams did not get to this point with luck and some magic. But they face that legacy of Brady and Belichick in this position again for a ninth time.

It will be an unprecedented sixth Super Bowl ring for Brady and his coach. My friends, like them or not, you can’t knock this success.  Enjoy it and do so. Enjoy and appreciate because this won’t be seen again for a long time.

Oh the score: Patriots 35- Rams 27.

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