Editorial: New York City Sells Tax Liens.

This practice is one of the most hurtful to the elderly and minority property owners who fall in arrears on their property taxes. Each year tax lien sales impact communities that are struggling. In 2018 Our Communist Mayor Warren Wilhelm (DeBlasio) sold 2,729 tax liens while the initial lien. Value is relatively small averaging circa $12,000. Once sold the bloodsucking banks charge an average 19% per diem beginning the upward spiral of the indebtedness. In addition these banks do absolutely nothing for a period of years. When they are satisfied then and only then do they commence foreclosure actions the original $12,000 tax lien is now on the average $190,00 add to that court costs and legal fees it becomes insurmountable. This from a mayor who claims to be an advocate for the poor! And under his watch The City Council renewed this abusive law for an additional 13 years. A disproportionate  amount of these liens were in our beloved borough of the Bronx. My suggestion to my fellow citizens our current mayor needs to be gone from our vicinage we will be better off without his misguided  ideas, his mission to destroy neighborhoods and instead of facilitating commerce he advocates for bike paths and free healthcare for illegal aliens.  

By Sal J Conforto


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