Rally at 2800 Bruckner Boulevard

Saturday morning another rally at 2800 Bruckner Boulevard took place. This was the August rally against what Egidio Sementilli and others have called a drug treatment center in the waiting.

Mr. Sementilli calling for the election of a leader if the group.

Mr. Sementilli informed the crowd about a five page document that has to be approved by the new York City Health Department before the state 822 application is sent for approval. 

At the meeting Mr. Sementilli called for electing a leader of the anti 2800 Bruckner Boulevard Drug Clinic. He was nominated and elected the leader without any opposition. Several residents spoke against the proposed drug clinic, and a date of September 21st (11 AM) was set for the next rally. In attendance was Matthew McKay of Assemblyman Michael Benedetto who spoke of legislation being drafted by the assemblyman that is similar to previous legislation that was repealed to stop a medical center in another part of the Bronx. 

Matthew McKay of Assemblyman Benedetto’s office talks of legislation that the assemblyman is drafting to prevent the drug clinic from opening.
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