Off Duty NYPD Officer Killed in Car Crash

Off Duty 43rd Precinct Officer Killed in Car Crash

Twenty-seven year old off duty Police Officer Shane Sullivan died after his car hit a tree on Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx. There are reports of a medical emergency that Officer Sullivan suffered a heart attack thus the car he was driving then crashed into a tree. 

The Black Bunting being placed over the entrance to the 43rd Precinct house during the ‘Back to School’ event.

This happened right before the ’43rd Precinct Back to School Day’ event was about to begin. The event went on as planned, and over two-hundred book bags were distributed to neighborhood children. The police officers from the 43rd precinct are to be congratulated for being able to show the neighborhood that the police officers of the 43rd are professionals, even in the time of the loss of one of their fellow officers.

Black Bunting now is hanging over the entrance of the 43rd Precinct house.

After the event is over the Black Bunting hangs.
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