Editorial: New York City has a problem!

New York City has a problem! And it’s name is Bill de Blasio , formerly Warren Wilhelm Jr .

He changed his name claiming his father was an absentee parent. The real reason was, his mother’s maiden name would better his chances to win public office.

He has been a dismal failure: the homeless population is at its acme. NYCHA is in ruins. Yet he finds time to go to Des Moines, Iowa.  In 2014 he closed the Bronx House of Detention now he has to build a new Jail in the Bronx.

His daily routine is to go to Brooklyn for his gym workout. It seems while New York is burning, Big Bird finds time to be on the elliptical machine.

No wonder New Yorkers are leading the exodus by fleeing to Florida.

This misguided communist insanity has to be stopped. 

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