Carrion Movement Softball Game and Book Bag Giveaway

 The Castle Hill Little League ballfield came alive Saturday for the Annual Carrion Movement Softball game and Book Bag Giveaway. The softball game ended with the opposing team defeating the Carrion Movement team for the first time in three years. The score was so lopsided that at one point an actual clown was on the pitching mound as the catcher just sat down hoping for the game to end. 

The players with 87th Assembly District Male District Leader John Perez.
They sent out the clown to pitch as the Carrion Movement team was getting crushed.
The catcher sat down hoping the game would end, but announcer Jose Rivera said ‘Play Ball’.

The SCE Dancers went on the field midway through the game for the entertainment of the crowd, and after the game finally ended book bags were given out to the over one hundred children who watched the ball game.

The SEC Dancers on the field.

The Carrion Movement was started to continually bring awareness and help break the vicious cycle of abuse by speaking out and organizing community events to turn victims into survivors!

The SEC Dancers look real nice with their new book bags. Tanya Carrion of the Carrion Movement is behind the girls as Bianca Colon their coach is in the front.
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