Patience Is A Virtue For A Rookie On NYCFC Roster

By Rich Mancuso/ Sports Editor

NYCFC gained another point and held first place in the Eastern Conference of the MLS with a 1-1 draw against Toronto Wednesday night at Yankee Stadium. Sean Johnson stopped a penalty kick in the late minutes to preserve the win and now its on to the next match Saturday in the Bronx with San Jose.

The usual regulars were on the field and at times coach Domenec Torrent will shake up the lineup when that is necessary. Wednesday night, there were no significant moves as defense seemed to be the prevailing temp of this match.

On the sidelines again and considered a substitute was 19-year old Juan Pablo Torres. Considered a top prospect, the midfielder, signed by NYCFC in January played for Belgian first tier team and made his professional debut when he replaced Koen Persoons in the 90th minute of the match against K.A.S. Eupen on August 17, 2017.

“It’s difficult sometimes watching at times on the bench,” he said Wednesday night after his team retained first place in the conference. “You have to keep working, training keep showing yourself to show the coach you belong out here.”

And if there was room on the field, Torres would be there. As in any sport with a talented roster, and NYCFC has an all-star lineup, the opportunity to produce and show those skills requires patience and waiting for the proper time.

Credit: USA Today Sports

Torres is a part of this team and mingles well with the other reserves and starters that have put NYCFC in prime position for a first round bye in the MLS conference out of the Eastern division. You can see a cohesive and great relationship that has developed as he waits patiently for an opportunity.  

Wednesday night he suited up. He was on the field for pre game drills doing the stretching and kicking. He was not in the lineup, though got a few minutes of time early in the season.

If he is not on the game roster as a substitute, Torres will suit up and watch from the sidelines. It can be frustrating but the resident of Libum Georgia, of Columbia descent, is patient and that is always a good attribute for a young player in any sport.

“The trainers here work to keep you sharp,” he said. “When the coach calls, you have to be ready. The end of the day you get the opportunity you take it. I’m happy here.”

Ben Sweat, a regular, an intrical part of the NYCFC drive to first place has become a teammate and friend. They talk a lot about their days of competing in Europe and of course that helps Torres with confidence.

“Awesome first year,” he said. “Able to compete on a team going for a championship. Great experience and trying to learn from that. ‘

An when Torres has the time, he has adopted New York as his second home. He has attended a Yankees game in the same venue where NYCFC competes and look forward to rooting for the Brooklyn Nets when the NBA season commences in late October.

“They have a good team,” he says about the Nets who acquired coveted free agent Kevin Durant. 

For now Juan Pablo Torres will await his opportunity and knows for sure NYCFC is a winning team in New York City and in the Bronx with the Yankees.

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