Update: Justice For Cleo

Before Tuesday night’s Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association meeting with guest Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark, the group Bronx Animal Rights Electors handed out over two-hundred fliers calling for action by DA Clark rather than no action in the September 20th sentencing of Loro Gjonaj. BARE says that Loro Gjonaj will not be given any jail time for the brutal beating and throwing of a young puppy which resulted in very severe injuries to the dog.
Thursday’s Daily News ran a story which stated that Loro Gjonaj and Councilman Mark Gjonaj are related. BARE now is calling for Bronx DA Clark to recuse herself from the case involving Loro Gjonaj since his relative then Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj now Councilman Gjonaj supported Darcel Clark when she first ran for the office of Bronx District Attorney in 2015.
Just an appearance of any impropriety mandates that Bronx District Attorney Clark recuse herself from the Gjonaj case. For the sake of the reputation of our Justice System and the Bronx District Attorney’s office, the request of Bronx Animal Rights Electors should be granted to have an independent prosecutor take over the case and a new sentencing date set.

Just an appearance of impropriety mandates our Bronx DA to recuse herself. ! !Based on the NY Daily News report of the defendant’s familial relationship with City council member Mark Gjonaj who supported DA’s election in 2015, !i think for the sake of the reputation of our system and our DA Office that our request should be granted. 

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