Samelys Lopez Enters Crowded 15th Congressional Race

Condemning the worsening of income inequality and housing insecurity in the Bronx, community organizer and activist Samelys López announced her candidacy Saturday for the U.S. Congress in New York Congressional District 15. 
“I grew up in this neighborhood, and I’m tired of this Congressional district being known as the poorest in the country. We are much more than that – we are resilient, we are proud, we are creative. There are local solutions to problems here that front-line communities have been fighting for generations,” 

Samelys Lopez talking to her consultants before the announcement.

Samelys López is campaigning on a Homes Guarantee platform and promises to fight for housing as a universal right, a Green New Deal, Medicare 4 All and building Dual Power. She has pledged not to accept donations from developers or landlords. She will prioritize expanding workers’ rights to unionize, expanding the rights of immigrants, and creating an economy based on sustainability and restorative justice. 

She grew up in the NYC family shelter system and faced many of the challenges her Bronx neighbors experience – housing scarcity, food insecurity, economic anxiety, underfunded public schools, and the indignities of the welfare system.

Candidate Lopez doing a lengthy interview with Pura Politica.

Ms. Lopez while living in the Northwest Bronx became a member of Community Board 7. She was elected a Vice-Chair of CB 7 during her tenure on CB 7. After leaving CB 7 Ms. Lopez moved to the Castle Hill Parkchester area. A member of congress does not have to live in the district they represent, only within the state they represent. 

People came from as far away as Brooklyn for the announcement.
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