Williamsbridge NAACP Pink Parade With Councilman Andy King

By Robert Press

Monday October seventh was the Williamsbridge NAACP Early Childhood Education Center Pink Parade with Grand Marshal Councilman Andy King. The children and adults lined up outside the center on East 219th Street. From there they marched to Willett Avenue where they turned left to travel across to East 216th Street. The Pink Parade turned on East 216th Street to White Plains Road then heading north on White Plains Road back to East 219th Street, turning left on East 219th Street the Pink Parade stopped in front of the Center for a group photo with Councilman King, before going back inside.

Photos by Robert Press

The Pink Parade led by Grand Marshall Councilman King marches up White Plains Road.
The Pink Parade as ir turns onto East 219th Street back to the early childhood center.
Children, parents, staff, and Councilman King in front of the Williamsbridge NAACP Early Childhood Education Center.
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