New state Criminal Laws and What it Means to You

Officers of the 49th Precinct came to the Morris Park Community Meeting late Wednesday night. They explained that they were at training for the new New York State Criminal Laws that take effect January 1, 2020.
While the officers are to receive more training, one officer said that there will be no more anonymity status to protect an accuser from the person being accused. The defendant and their lawyer will have to be given your information, and the right to visit the place of the crime, even if it was inside your home. When asked questions about the new State Criminal Laws the officers were not optimistic about them.  One after another the officers said that they can not tell anyone what it will be like on January 1, 2020, just the scales will be tilted towards the criminals.

One Morris Park Community Association Executive Board member can’t believe what he is hearing about the new State Criminal Laws that take effect January 1,2020

When asked if there were any accidents of bikers running into open parked car door on the new Morris Park Bike Lane, one officer said yes, but could not give the exact details without checking. When asked how long the response time would be for anyone who may run into a car or car being hit by a bike there was no answer. Only that cars double parking in the bike lane on Morris Park Avenue will be given tickets. The officers said they were going to go into stores on Morris Park Avenue to let them know if their customers double park in the bike lane they will be ticketed.

This officer is telling that cars parked in the Morris Park Avenue bike lane will be ticketed.
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