Mayor de Blasio Visits Kingsbridge Armory food Distribution Center


  On Friday Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the Kingsbridge Armory to see how the Bronx Food Distribution Center was going. After he entered the armory the mayor was given a tour starting by walking through the lines of pallets of the boxes of food to be given out. He then walked across the armory floor to where the pallets were broken down, the boxes of food placed on tables to then be loaded into Livery Cabs with the drivers given a list of where to deliver the boxes of food. 

  When the mayor spoke he thanked Parks Commissioner Silver, and Sanitation Commissioner Garcia in helping set up the Kingsbridge Armory food distribution center, and those who were loading the cars up. Mayor de Blasio said ‘The city will not let any New Yorker go without food during this Pandemic’. He added to call 311 if you need assistance in getting food. 

  Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. was on hand, and explained that he and other local elected officials were hoping to have a field hospital inside the armory. The lack of enough electricity for all the lights and medical equipment prevented that from happening. BP Diaz said that the next best use of the armory was that of a food distribution center.  


 Lanes were set up for the cars to get as close to the tables to be loaded up.


BP Diaz helps load up this car with a national Guardsman bringing over the boxes. 


The podium was set up between the staging area to load up the cars and the storage area which Mayor de Blasio is pointing to. Sanitation commissioner Garcia and Bronx BP Diaz Jr. are behind the mayor.


Inside each box is a three day supply of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with assorted snacks.

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