State Senator Biaggi Visits Pelham Parkway Houses With Much Needed Supplies

People began lining up at 7:30 AM at the corner of Astor and Wallace Avenues. State senator Alessandra Biaggi was going to arrive at 11 AM to give out free meals, masks & gloves, and hand sanizer to the residents of the Pelham parkway Houses.

The line stretching down Wallace Avenue and around the corner

 Three citations were set up at 11 AM, and the line of people went all the way down Wallace Avenue, and around the corner of the Pelham Parkway North Service Road. Station One was where people would receive a bagged lunch. Station Two was where a packet of gloves and masks were handed out. Station Three had gallon bottles of hand sanitizer with pumps to fill smaller bottles brought by the people. 

Senator Biaggi handing out the three hundred meals.

 In all State Senator Biaggi with the help of Kyle Munoz and the restaurant Posto 22 Gave out three hundred meals, an equal amount of packets of masks and gloves, and gallons of hand sanitizer to the residents of the Pelham Parkway Houses.

Packets of masks and gloves being handed out.
People filled up smaller bottles with hand sanitizer from gallon bottles of hand sanitizer.
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