Rally and March For Black Lives Matter for Elijah

 It was billed as a Black Lives Matter March for Elijah, but was there a different agenda to this rally and march through Allerton and Morris Park?

Elijah McCain was a 23 year old Black Man stopped by police in Aurora Colorado last August on his way home from a convenience store. The Aurora police department is reported saying that a 911 call came in about a suspicious person in a ski mask. It continues that he resisted arrest and when captured was put in a carotid hold. Elijah suffered a heart attack on the way  to the hospital, where he died days later after being declared Brain Dead.

So why hold a rally and march for Elijah more than one month before the anniversary of his death? Could there be a connection to the Pro Police rally that took place one week ago in Morris Park, where Black Lives Matter supporters were heckled and vastly outnumbered? 

There were expectations of up to five-hundred people showing up, but the heavy afternoon thunder showers kept that number down to over one-hundred people. The start was pushed back as the weather got better with the rally starting about 7 PM, The march began shortly after 8 PM. 

Marchers chanting various things such as names of Black people killed in police custody, Black Live Matter, and several other chants as they went across Allerton Avenue, to Williamsbridge Road, down to Morris Park Avenue, winding up not at Loreto park, but the Matthews Muliner playground, which was locked at dusk. There was a stop at Assemblywoman Fernandez’s office where water and the use of the bathroom was available. The Police Department had officers set up along the parade route, and escorted the marchers. They did not control the light traffic on the streets, which was handled by different people on bikes. The police moved away as the destination was arrived at, but they continued a presence on Morris Park Avenue. 

This was a peaceful rally and march through Allerton and Morris Park with no counter rally, march, or attempt to disrupt this Black Lives Matter march through Morris Park.

Assemblywoman Fernandez’ office with lots of water and the door open for marchers who needed to relieve themselves.
Marchers have passed Loreto Park as they proceed across Morris Park Avenue chanting various sayings associated with the BLM movement.
The marchers arrive at a locked Matthews Muliner Playground.
Assemblyman Michael Blake was one of the marchers.
The BLM march ended in a sign of Black Power.
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