49th Precinct Council Meeting Tuesday Night

Tuesday night was the first live meeting of the 49th Precinct Council. It seemed as though the Precinct Council had only been off for the two summer months rather than from when the Corona Virus hit the country. 

49th Precinct Council President Joe Thompson opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, and reading a petition to the Governor. state legislators, the mayor, and city council members to revisit the Defunding of the Police Department, and the Bail Reform act both of which, based on the current results, have proven to be a failure according to the petition President Thompson asked everyone to sign. 

Captain Natiw of the 49th Precinct then went over crime stats in three areas the city as a whole, the Bronx as a whole, and the 49th precinct. The biggest increases in Murder, Shootings, Burglary, and GLA (car theft) were the highest at the citywide level, slightly lower at the borough of the Bronx level, and lowest at the 49th Precinct level. The captain then presented the Cop of the month award to P.O. Edward Nunez who helped take down a suspect who had a loaded gun on him, and had outstanding warrants in several other precincts. 

Captain announces P.O. Edward Nunez as the 49th Precinct Cop of the Month.

After the crime prevention tip of the month, a warning about fitness centers and security of one’s personal property by Crime Prevention Officer Tyrone Mederos. area neighborhood reports by local community groups were heard. Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez then spoke saying her office was now open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 4 PM by appointment only due to the CoronaVirus. She also mentioned that she was against defunding the police, that only internal work was being done, and no application has been submitted for 2500 Williamsbridge Road, ending by saying that the empty building on the corner of Barnes and Lydig avenues across from PS 357 was purchased by Destination Tomorrow to be used for transitional housing for LGBTQ adults. Security will be hired and a GED program will be offered to the community.

Assemblywoman Fernandez telling the audience that her office has reopened, about what was or was not going on at 2500 Williamsbridge Road, and that the building at 2134 would soon be occupied as the building had been purchased for use as transitional housing.

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