Councilman Mark Gjonaj Joins the 49th Precinct and INCA Relief for Book Bag and Food Giveaway

It was an overcast windy day at the 49th Precinct where the Precinct Book Bag and food giveaway with Councilman Mark Gjonaj took place in the late afternoon. The giveaway was held in the Muster Room where police officers are given their daily and special orders for the day. 


All who participated in the Book Bag Food Giveaway hold a book bag that was given away.


Councilman Gjonaj looked a little like Santa Claus with his bag of giveaways in special face masks for everyone. Those on hand included the Community Affairs officers, 80th A.D. Female District Leader Irene Estrada, Pastor J. Gooding, Rabbi Thompson, and Elder Iriebi of the 49th Precinct Clergy Council. Also on hand was Shabbir Gul and members of the INCA relief fund.

Councilman Gjonaj had a special face mask for this young boy.

Councilman Gjonaj with the Female District Leader from the 80th Assembly District.

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