42-Page Report Outlines Public Integrity Bureau’s Investigation and

Finding of No Criminality in Death

          Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark today released the report on the investigation into the fatal shooting of Kawaski Trawick inside his apartment by a member of the New York City Police Department on April 14, 2019, as well as video of the shooting and the events leading up to it.

           The investigation found no criminality on the part of the responding police officers, but revealed the responders lacked information that would have been helpful when they encountered Mr. Trawick in his apartment, as well as a gap in communication with the non-profit supportive housing facility where he resided at 1616 Grand Avenue. The investigation also revealed the need for a thoughtful review of police procedures and training techniques for these types of interactions.

District Attorney Clark said, “Once again, we have a death that painfully illustrates that changes are needed in the response to those in mental health crisis, and that we as a community must do better to provide appropriate assistance for residents of supportive housing in the City. There must be treatment and services readily available to prevent persons from reaching a point where they may cause harm to themselves or others. I continue to encourage a productive conversation about how to better approach calls to help people in crisis to avoid an escalation resulting in a fatality.

            “I send my condolences to the loved ones and friends of Mr. Trawick, whom deserved a thorough, transparent investigation into facts leading up to his tragic death. We are releasing the report as well as video footage from the officer’s body worn camera and building surveillance cameras to provide the public with as much information as possible.” 


         The family of Mr. Trawick and their advocates met with the Public Integrity Bureau today. District Attorney Clark thanked the Public Integrity Bureau for its scrupulous investigation.

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