Vision Center on Lydig Avenue and PPNA Team up to Hand out 700 Toys

Saturday Santa Claus came to Vision Center at 735 Lydig Avenue along with Councilman Mark Gjonaj, Open Hand Association Inc Founder Aleksander Nilaj, and members of the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association to join with Vision Center employees to give out the 700 toys and gifts that were bought for the PPNA and Vision Center Annual Christmas toy giveaway.
As they passed by on the heavily traveled street those with children received a free gift, toy or book, and had the option of their child(children) take a photo with Santa Claus. There were smiles under the face masks of those who received and those who gave out the gifts, toys, or books.

The group photo of Vision Center Employees, the owner Michael Diver, PPNA officers Edith Blitzer, Steve Glosser, Jacklyn Lutnick, and Lance Zavin.

Some of the toys on Display to be given away.

Santa stands watch over the giveaway by his new Elfs.

Santa with PPNA President Blitzer, Councilman Gjonaj, Open Hands Founder Nilaj, a mother and her child.

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