John Kerry can control the weather? Really?

John Kerry is the Climate Czar for the Biden Administration. The Executive Orders coming out of the White House are streaming out at such a rapid rate I don’t have enough hours in the day to write about each one and there true cause and affect. But what I can say is they will overwhelm the systems overwhelmingly, and will so within a blink of an eye.
I don’t like John Kerry because in my mind he is the ultimate elitist. He seems to talk as if he is an expert on every subject, but clearly the master of not one. Let me give you just a couple of examples.
He was a lead negotiator that put the “Iran deal” together. You know the one that had more holes in it than a spaghetti strainer. And the one that release Billions in funds to the largest State sponsor of terrorism in the world. The more I read about the Iran deal the more I couldn’t believe what I was reading. There was no way in that agreement we could trust Iran because we really could not verify enough to trust them. And it was with a country that had broken every other nuclear agreement we had with them, so what made anyone think they were going to honor this one I don’t know. I came to the conclusion at that moment in time that John Kerry was seriously the worst negotiator in the history of the United States.
He then was part of the Paris Accord deal that basically sounded really great and noble on the surface, but when you read the details of the agreement, (something that most of my liberal friends don’t do) Kerry gave China a million competitive advantages over the US, plus the agreement would cost the United States over the period of the agreement, trillions of US dollars to fund the green programs of other nations in the world. Of course you realize that 50% of that money will never be used for the projects indicated and would be used for absolute corruption in all those countries.  again there was no systems in place to verify performance or compliance. This continued only serve to validate what a horrible negotiator he truly is.
In an executive order signed by President Biden (now managed by the Climate Czar John Kerry) with a stroke of a pen, betrayed the Unions and wiped out tens of thousands of Union jobs in the United States. The Union bosses are shocked, but they shouldn’t be. Because when you break done the liberal agenda of claiming to be for everything of every special interests group you will hurt another one. There’s no way you can protect the unions if you protect all the environmentalists and you protect all of the illegal aliens. They all have conflicting interest therefore the promises made to each group or a myth at some point in time when it comes to liberals.
There was no transition in this plan another words they wiped out one source of energy and there was nothing immediately to replace it. Which means that we almost instantly will start to lose our newfound status of being completely energy independent.
It just so happens that being energy independent is a national security issue for the United States because we really don’t wanna get our oil from the Middle East. Energy independence is a way to avoid war something Trump understood, and energy dependence is almost a guaranteed way of getting involved in wars which is something Biden doesn’t seem to understand, and of course our expert negotiator John Kerry thinks he can “negotiate” us out of conflict. Really?
Now keep in mind that the country is going through Covid which means millions of people have already lost their jobs and now Biden has cut Union jobs that then messed with our energy supply. This now guarantees the energy costs for the COVID jobless are going to double, and we’re gonna lose our energy independence, thus reducing our national security. And if that is not bad enough the cost of everything will go up because the cost of energy affects the price of everything. And the only thing that these Biden executive orders did do was hurt Americans in America. Why? Because of the flawed ideology of Liberalism!
I don’t wanna mock these gentlemen but I got to say when people tell me that they can control and change the climate they must think I’m an idiot. Follow this logic with me. We’re all on the same planet we stop producing oil in our own country so that another country halfway around the world can produce the same oil. That policy did nothing to “save” the planet by slowing the flow of oil on earth, but it did do a great job of wiping out the economies in Louisiana, Alaska, the Dakotas, Texas who actually don’t need the federal government managing their States for them.
For example in Louisiana this executive order can reduce the GDP of Louisiana by 30%. In Alaska this executive order took one of the poorest Eskimo communities in that state and literally eviscerated their economy.
Of course John Kerry (who owns a private jet, you know who polluted the world he is trying to save) response to this was, well the oil workers can learn now to make solar panels. So let’s follow this John Kerry logic down this rabbit hole that this one executive order placed us all in.
1. The economy has been broadside with the continued shut down of small businesses.
2. Millions lost their job or lost their business by going bankrupt and had to go on welfare.
3. We cut off an energy supply without replacing it with another and thus lose our energy independence and national security.
4. That results in the US laying off tens of thousands of Union workers in cross industries as well as the core industry the executive order affected.
5. This in turn will raise energy prices like heating oil and gas for cars and trucks.
6. This in turn affects the cost of everything in an upward direction while peoples salaries are in a downward direction because of Covid.
6. The oil workers shift from oil and gas to solar panels.
7. The American people can’t afford the solar panels in good times let alone in Covid times. So the oil works lose those solar jobs because we can’t yet afford green at a large scale.
8. And because we now have to get our energy from somewhere else we pollute the earth by getting it here.
9. We now get the oil from the Middle East control by OPEC and we’re now back in the world of OPEC controlling the price of oil which price-fixing is illegal in the United States.
And these are the “guys” who are going to save the planet, somehow change the climate, then bring ice back to the north pole, and prevent the seas from sinking Florida? Are you kidding me?
Out of respect for President Biden he can’t even manage his son Hunter from his sexual exploits with under age kids in China. Captured on film, while sniffing cocaine… are you kidding me??? 
So now we have a President of the United States who can’t control his own son, who wants to control the weather, and John Kerry who is the worst negotiator in the world going around the world negotiating by giving away our tax payer money in many cases to nations who are our sworn enemies.
Honestly you can’t make this stuff up. Look I’m not the brightest light bulb in a room, but I swear the lightbulb is not even on for these guys. This Make America Stupid Again, and Naive Again and watching this delusion is really alarming.
What makes matters even worse is this is the first dang week, and it’s already a disaster, not a little one,  but a mega disaster. How on earth can a country survive four years of this nonsense? I don’t even know how the country is going to survive four weeks of this, it’s that bad.
In the meantime, Congress thinks the greatest priority in the world given all the suffering that Covid has caused the American people, is that they must removed from office via an impeachment a person who is already left office. Honestly are you kidding me? That’s nuts…
They’re outraged over what happen at the capital when the same events happened in every state capital over the last 24 months and not a peep from any of them? Why? Because those who rioted, burn down businesses are part of their political ideology, and ideology is even more important than rule of law to liberals. And now the liberals want to enact laws that basically makes Conservatives terrorists who need to be reprogrammed. And they think I need to be reprogrammed? What a joke!
Now get this, I’m on Facebook today and I posted one of my steak dinners and named a potato creation after one of my friends. He made a small clever comment to me about the honor of naming a twice baked chive potato after him and honor. And I responded with you’ll always be my potato buddy. And I got an instant warning from Facebook before I posted it that said the combination of those words was bullying and I should consider a different phrase. I didn’t change the post and let it fly.
I was literally shocked, I could not believe that the artificial intelligence took a combination of words about a potato and suggested that I might want to change it because it sounded like I was bullying. Now I want you to think about that very carefully, because that means that all of us are being monitored at the smallest detailed level about our speech. Why? Because under the new rules from the elites is that their view of correct speech is the only speech.
It’s not one thing that bothers me, it’s a whole host of things that I see that are now bothering me. Because the elites are integrating a series of business and political policies that are now starting to marginalize 50% of the United States, as if conservatives no longer have a voice and as if we all need to be reprogrammed. 
So I have to say I love my country, but I don’t trust this governments policies or intentions, and I don’t like what they’re doing to the American people. Essentially we are now witnessing one of the biggest Ponzi scheme‘s ever conceived by mankind supported by the biggest propaganda machine ever invented called the main stream media. And everything I just said will be swept under the rug by the liberal press as if its not happening, but it is happening, and it’s happening right in front of our lying eyes…
So look, connect the dots, and you will see we are living inside of a matrix we don’t understand, lead by individuals who don’t know how lead success, but can lead stupid.
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