Why Globalist love and hate oil

To understand what we are seeing in polices and executive orders that have been rolling out of the White House you have to understand how most of them are connected to one topic. And they are connected to end goal, and this end goal is a sincere believe that is held by those that are globalist to their core. Why they are that way matters little, but they are that way. What appears to be evil to one group is noble to another group, it is a profoundly interesting thing to watch. So, let’s get started shall we on my thoughts related to the goal and what is in its way.


There are powerful people who honestly feel that the population of the earth is simply out of control, they believe the planet can only properly support 2 billion on the high side and 1 billion if we were to really have the right amount of people on earth at any given time. Well, right now we are now approaching 8 billion people. If you believe that the world is going to end in 12 years, then this truly is a panic issue. Again, it does not matter how you see it just understand how globalist see it. By the way this is why they are globalist because it is a global issue not a national issue.


Now what is the one thing that allowed the population to grow so quickly? What was this one thing? Simply OIL. Let me now prove to how this affects the global politics of everything. To do let me give you some world population growth numbers since the time of Christ.

  1. 1 AD -200 Million living on the earth
  2. 1400 AD -400 Million living on the earth it took 1,400 years to double the population
  3. 1775 AD -800 Million people living on the earth it took only 375 years to double the population
  4. 1900 AD -1.6 Billion people living on the earth it took only 125 years to double the population
  5. 1965 AD -3.2 Billion people living on the year it took only 65 years to double the population
  6. 2005 AD -6.4 Billion people living on the earth it took only 40 years to double the population.
  7. 2020 AD -7.8 Billion people living on the earth

The introduction of drilling for oil took place in Pennsylvania in 1859 and once introduced in changed everything. Without oil there would be no such thing as the industrial revolution. And the first thing that industrial revolution touched was the production of food. In 1890 nearly 90% of the population of the US was in agriculture today its 2%. That is not incremental change that is a quantum change. The more food we could produce the faster the population could grow and grow it did. Some believe that 20% of all who have ever lived live on the earth right now. So that would mean 1 in 5 people who have ever lived are alive right now. It is for me a staggering thought.

Oil was the engine of the world. If not for oil we would not have had the agriculture revolution, that allowed us to produce more food, the industry revolution that allow us to have creature comforts and lengthen our lives, the information revolution that allowed us to gather information to be smarter and the Biotech revolution that will allow us to replace parts of the human body with our own stem cells. All this because of oil. In fact, to get to green energy you need oil to do even that. Our cars, our homes, our clothing, our PC’s, cell phones and Solar Panels are all today mostly oil based products.

Now back to a globalist the world has too many people so if I wanted to slow it down and wanted to slow it down right now what would I do? Well, I would attack with a vengeance everything oil. How would I do it?  Well oil is so addicting to the human race that I would have to use Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) to scare as many people as possible into believing that if you do not stop oil it will kill you and thus Climate Change became the driver of the message of kill oil. However, it is a bit of a catch 22 if you kill oil you will kill people and if you do not you will kill people if you believe that climate change is human caused and oil is the driver behind that cause.


Because the world needs oil to support the nearly 8 billion people on the earth if you change to quickly those ratios via some magical political drive policy you simply with the signing of pen write the death sentence of not millions but billions. I suppose some globalist might look at like we do with wolves or wild horse of thinning out the pack or the herd for the greater good. I suppose it all has to do with how you look at humans, are we in the image of God or are we just another mammal on the planet. If we are only another mammal then justifying things like late term abortions are easy yet another way to control population growth.


Yes, go green is a great bummer sticker, sounds good until you note that going green if four to five times more expensive than oil as a source of energy in a world that is largely poor. So, for the poor the green is not an option it is death today. The good news is as we push technologies, we are understanding how to drive down the cost to go green. So now let us have a moment of some critical thinking, shall we?

Who profits most from oil? If you said oil companies, you would be so wrong. It is governments. For everything gallon of gas for example the governments on average make 60 cents on the gallon while an oil company make 6 cents. Now think for a moment where is the government going to make up that difference in the loss of that income? Well from you, besides, they get it from you now every time you fill up your car. So, if you have an electric car, they will tax that, they will have no choice. Of course, you need oil to make an engine work in battery driven car, another irony.


Who spends the most money on R&D in the world on green? If you said the government, you would be wrong it is those dang pesky oil companies we are taught to hate. You know the people who actually keep us all alive? Why do they spend the money on green? Well because they are not in the oil business like you have been taught, they are in the energy business and for them green is another profit center. Besides, they are not stupid they know at some point there is an end to fossil fuels, after all there were only so many dinosaurs that could make this stuff. So, they know they need renewable energy like from the Sun. Oh and for your information there is a time in the future where the Sun will no longer be a viable source because like all stars it will comes to its end. So even it is not renewable forever.

Would you like to know what oil meant to the United States? Would you like to know how did we become the superpower on the planet for now? Simple oil, we had the lowest cost of energy in the world that allowed us to manufacture everything at a cost nobody could touch. That is until we became energy dependent on other countries and we lost our way, and we lost our way because we made that which was not political, very political, and of course to make it worse politicians are terrible negotiators the prove of which we have seen for the last 120 years. But oil played an even bigger role in the US economy because of our power 80 years ago we made the US dollar the global exchange of purchasing oil.


Mess with a countries oil and you will have a war on your hands. An example of that is we block oil going into Japan, which was shutting them down economically, what was their reaction? It is called Pearl Harbor. And because Germany was an allied of Japan because a group of political geniuses in WW1 come up with a plan to have Germany pay everyone back for the war which created poverty that created a man we know as Hitler. Why did the German machine fold in the end? It ran out of oil.


So now back to the globalist they only way they can make oil scarce is to simply control the world and to do that you need the same political systems which capitalism in not one of them. Read what I just said again and then again and open your eyes to what is real. I am not suggesting a conspiracy theory, I am not connecting dots that are not there, I am showing you what you can see every single day in the news. I have shared with you some history that you can verify I am showing what appears to be motivations and I am not condemning the globalist I am merely sharing with you what I think their belief is and how they got to their thinking which from their perspective is noble.


What do I think? I think what they are doing is dangerous, I believe they are wrong, and I believe it will thin out the herd we call the human race. It will happen by war, virus and moving green faster than green is ready to go. While they have some science behind what they say they do not have all the science and science by its nature does not have all the answers it is always looking and updating the answers all the time. Frankly, they are 50/50 on most things as the search for 100% being right on somethings. What we lack in this world is common sense and I am hopeful that I shared with you a perspective that is uniquely my own but makes a level of common sense to you as you begin to connect the dots of our history, the now and what our future will be if we do not get the now just right.

What I love about common sense is that it easy to understand, what I do not like about it, is that it is not common… Just saying the obvious once again.

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