We need representative government not socialism

I watch, I listen, and I stay quiet. Then I watch more, I then listen more carefully and then I speak. As a watch and I listen it dawns on me we have two very different countries. We do, and it is obvious that we do. People on the right do not want to live in a country that the left wants to build. While people on the left do not want to live in the country that the right wants to build. It is also clear that we are no longer the United States, we are the Divided States. It hard to say it, and think it, but we all need to accept that we are.

I am center right, and frankly the country that President Biden wants that I can only base on the Executive Orders he has signed is not the country I want. In fact, it is the opposite of what I want. Furthermore, I do not believe in the Nancy Pelosi/Chuck Schumer America. That is their America, but it is not mine. I do not want to convince them that they are wrong, and they clearly are not going to convince me they are right. We are a house divided, clearly divided with less and less in common with each passing day. It would be one thing if I thought this alone, but I know tens for millions feel as I do.

I do not want to go over all the reasons why I have a problem with many liberal policies or the issues that I have found within the Executives Orders and or the current liberal priorities. And by the way Liberals are found within both parties so this is not a democrat or republican thing for me. You can see in detail my thoughts about those policies from my past writings.

I do not want to go through step by step the problems cause because of over regulation or the heavy hand of government in our personal and business lives. What I do know is I do not trust the judgement of Liberals, I do not trust them because of the never-ending set of bad results that is clearly there for all to see if they want to see past their ideology. I see nothing Liberals are doing at any level that is helpful to my businesses, my family, my friends nor my nation. What Liberals did do a good job at was protecting the power structure of the few at the expense of the many.

Honestly, I see a disaster coming at us. It is like a giant financial tsunami wave that the liberals have created. When a tsunami is created, most times its deep under the ocean floor thousands of miles away from shore. Deep in the ocean when it starts it barely noticeable. The wave is small because the volume of water between the ocean floor and the surface is so great, however the volume of water that is moving from the center in all directions increases in size as the distance between the surface and the ocean floor shrinks. By the time is reaches the coastline what was only a one-foot wave in the deep ocean is now a 150-foot wave or a 15-story building of water that will wipe everything out for miles inland.

What the Executive Orders did from my perspective was set the wave in motion in the deep waters of the ocean, and in due time we now have a 600-foot wave that will sweep the nation from coast to coast. We have the perfect storm most of which is the result of bad political decisions and on many issues that are not political but that have been made political. Like the political responses to COVID-19 protocols that put millions into a tailspin financially, the political views of energy independence vs going back to being dependent again on energy from hostile nations. Now we have the politics now found within new vaccines protocols and more control by the government on the health care systems they damaged because of the lack of good governance and sound policies. Even worst was the systematic shutdowns of small businesses in favor of the big businesses as if small businesses were the super virus spreaders. Then we have the new abusive tax codes that in a flash makes us uncompetitive around the world once again, it so frustrating when we just started to solve the problem and we once again try to lead the world from behind. These political elites then decided what science is politically correct and what science is not and what they decide is correct they then weaponize to control, demand and shame anyone who has a different view of the data and other scientific data they want to remove because it does not fit within the ideology. And finally, the 120 years of abuse to State rights for Federal rights. All of these dividing points are now shut down from even a discussion with the abuse of free speech rights, and weapon of the cancel culture.

Yes, there are two very different views of America within America. It is like a bad marriage where you are living in the same house but the views at every level are just not the same and now you wake up and think I want my life back. It is a couple that once was united that is now divided and before you know they are a divorced because they both have a very different view of what makes them happy. Which one is right? Well, they both are. They both have a right to find happiness on their own terms and they should be free to do so. We see it all the time over 50% of marriages in the US end going their different ways.

There are 3200 counties in the United States 2700 of them are conservative and 500 of them are liberal leaning. For example, I lived in California the more it leaned left the less I liked it, finally I hated it and I moved to Idaho, why? Because I like the values and balance of Idaho and I was not willing to live in a liberal state whose policies I could not stand. For me they were outrageous, immoral, and dangerous for business and my family. Millions have felt the same way and simply move from the craziness of the state they lived in, to another state that was more in line with their thinking. Liberals states are losing populations by the millions for conservative states who are in taking them in. California wanted to manage every accept of my life and I did not need them too or want them to. I needed them to mind the business of the state and living within their tax means and not manage my life and then overspending and under preforming with bloated government cost and stupid policies. If they manage my life like they manage the State into the ground my life would be in an awful mess. I did not want that, so I moved. In effect I move to what for me was like moving to another country. Think on that thought for a minute. Businesses are fleeing liberal states because they do not work, they run into debt and then blame the conservatives for the States they have run for 60 years. Man, I have to give credit to liberals as they are the best BS marketers in the world, they can run a city into the ground and a State then blame the other party who had zero to do with it. And they get away with it…. It is truly, Amazing!

Here is the thing about Liberalism they cannot let me live my life because if they do, they run out of money for ideas that have never worked, will not work. Policies that always end up on the trash heap of failed government systems that history has proven are unworkable. Systems that drift slowly from Liberalism then to Socialism, and finally to Communism. I do not want that; I will never want that. It is everything I am not.

I also do not want a civil war which I see brought up all the time from my friends to the left and right of me. Today it is talked about as if it is a foregone conclusion. But in truth it does not have to be that way. At least not for me and at least not for now. The Liberals love sanctuary cities. I love conservative States, they are my sanctuary I love conservative counties they are my sanctuary; they have less crime, less politics, and less government. You know conservative States whose policies that really treat adults like adults. States that do not have to have a Liberal handbook with 150,000 pages of tax codes and regulations to manage everything about my life, what I believe, what I think, and say and what my opinions ought to be.

What I am going to say next maybe radical and unthinkable, but I think liberals ought to create a country from their 500 counties. If they love Liberal policies (that they want to ram down my throat through political tactics) I say you live your liberal life and let the right live their conservative life. The problem is Liberals cannot make it work, because liberalism like socialism runs out of other people’s money which is why they need to constantly add more people to the Liberal Ponzi scheme. Like all Ponzi schemes they have a horrible ending because there was never enough money for them and for all those who are caught up within them. Do not believe me?

The welfare system, the social security system, the pension funds, the city debt, the State debt, and the National debt are all Ponzi schemes. The problem only gets bigger and can never be solved. How big is it? Well, we have placed into debt with these crazy liberal policies not just those living today but three generations out, in other words people not yet born will be enslaved with the credit card debt of what these political elites have done. It is wrong, it is immoral, and it is a form of financial slave masters, because we have created a nation of debt slaves. The old slave picked cotton the new slave pays your debt long after your dead and gone.

The government is heavy handed, abusive, all powerful and is becoming like a state religion. It is to me a clear and present danger. So, what do we do? Well, I am now hearing about States that want to secede from the Union, starting with Texas if it does so, it will pick up steam as many other states I am sure will follow. Think it is not possible?

Well ask the former USSR that from one nation 15 nations were born overnight and that was just 30 years ago. Honestly, I love America, but I despise liberalism with a passion, and liberalism is not America to me it is the next thing to socialism, and I am not a socialist, if I was, I would move to Cuba. I have been to Cuba and I do not want to live in Cuba, so I do not. I am not alone in my thinking and the liberals have now made it clear that they need to close the loop fast on two issues quickly the first one is free speech. With the help of the massive liberal media complex and global big tech firms they are now censoring feelings, and opinions quickly. The liberal vision of free speech will not be the free speech of our past, it will be the liberal speech of our future that is allowed. Liberalism has to control speech because it cannot logically win the argument of being illogical. So, shutting down all thought except a liberal thought is a requirement. The erasing of books and the rewriting of history is just part of how to control speech but controlling what we read, see, and talk about.

The right of free speech was our first right, found within out Bill of Rights. You cannot take the second right without shutting down the first right which is freedom of speech. The second right is the right to bear arms, it was not just to bear arms to hunt, and to protect one’s self against an individual who would do you harm, but it was the right to bear arms against a government that would abuse its power. You cannot rule abusively and without challenge if you have free speech and the right to bear arms. Every country that ever went to socialism had to solve those two challenges to their authority quickly before they could rule without any opposition.

Our political elite created the world’s largest Ponzi scheme, when they did that, they abused Americans into the slavery of debt for generations. How do you know when a government is about to become abusive? Simple, history has taught us they take your speech, then your guns and then if you do not comply, they take your life. Over 100 million people in the last 100 years died over this very thing so the historical records are clear and what I am seeing is the same pattern now in America. And frankly its shocking that which we fought against around the world is now in our own beloved country.

The bigger the Ponzi scheme gets the more abusive the elites will have to become to hide and cover up the damage they have caused with debt. They will pass this problem forward until some unlucky group of political elites are stuck with no more people to abuse with their debt. Of course, history has shown that always ends in war, always. Which is why I do not believe in any socialist form of government. They always say in each nation that their brand of socialism is the different, but in the end, they die in the cul-de-sac of debt, war, and utter human destruction.

Think about it, millions of Americans have run from liberalism by simply moving to another State and in many cases moving their companies from them. Why? Because of abusive policies, regulations, taxes, and many other issues that should not be political that are made so. The liberal States are going to go bankrupt; the state Union pension funds are going to blow up and that is a fact. It will catch up to them, how do you keep the Ponzi scheme alive? You move to the next state and convert them into a debt slave State. At the Federal level you simply sign Executive Orders start the Liberal tsunami wave far away and by the time it hits the shore it’s too late for most to run to high ground.

In a blink of an eye bad Liberal policies are going to sweep us under. And we will see this year in 2021, the first big wave you do not have to wait for years to see it as it will happen fast. And I do not want to be swept out to sea with the back tow of the Liberal tsunami wave. Small businesses are being wiped out left and right and big businesses that are easier to control by government policies are protected. Remember it is our small businesses and businesses owners that are the backbone of the country because they create a strong middle class, take that away and the backbone of America is gone. What Liberalism needs is control, and control over a free people is dependence on the State to save you for the wave liberals created. We are witnessing it all today, every day and we all have friends who have been wiped out from simply degree from the government. This because of over political reaction to shutting down small businesses and then forcing business owners to go to the government to save them with PPP loans of which the second round is happening right now. Millions who never needed the State need it for welfare checks or coverage for rents or mortgages. The government caused it and then hands you back 1/10th of what they wiped out. In one way we are grateful for that, but we are now slaves in the blink of an eye.

If we thought the housing bubble was bad in 2008 (which by the way were cause by a set of liberal laws in 2004 and 2006) wait to you see what happens with the rate of home foreclosures that will appear from nowhere yep, another tsunami that is already on the move heading our way at blinding speed.

Socialism always needs a civil war; they provoke and take and push until they create a reaction for which they can blame those they abused as treasonous and traitors. In fact, now we see words like civil war, revolution, and traitors on the rise in the news. The propaganda machine is tune up and ready to roll and make everything what it is not into something they want you to believe and see their way, but it will be a lie like it always is. This is because socialism cannot win telling the truth it must hide and lie to achieve its goal. It’s all a patterned used around the world and now used here in our homeland.

So, what do we do? Well for me it’s simple, we do nothing. Now when I say nothing, I mean we shut it all down. We protest by doing nothing just like Gandhi did in India, since you are already shut down in most ways by the government, we instead reverse it all and peacefully shut down the government. A national protest a sit in by the tens of millions of Americans who know if we allow this train to run its course, a train we are all on, the liberals are going to take us all off a cliff to our peril. It is what liberals fear the most, the inability to control the masses and to continue hide within their Ponzi scheme.

If the government cannot run or function and its taxes halted, and tens of millions of Americans just simply stop everything and do it peacefully they are stuck. The liberals wanted violence and got it as they allowed to happen all year long, they even then wanted to blame the police and wanted to un-fund them. The left took over capital buildings in many states and not a peep from the liberal press. But notice as soon as the right pushed back it was treason. So, a truly peaceful mass strike is the opposite of what socialist need, to remove speech and guns they use their violence to tempt their victims to light the spark to do it. So, what do you get if you shut the nation down for a year, well you get someone to finally listen? Something liberals are not very good at is listening, because they like telling you how to live your life and how much of your money they need to do it. They want to stay in some sort of power position even for a moment in time and in the end they will listen. 

By the way I understand why Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela took this route of peaceful national shutdowns. They did it to avoid a civil war. Yep, it is painful but a lot less pain that a needless civil war that would be built on lies about both sides. So much of it is fake, which is why the press is dangerous because it’s not truthful nor fact base, it’s all opinion based to generate hate. And it’s working.  

And in exchange for ending the national strike what would you want. Well, I have some idea of what you might consider. We get single term limits to stop the corruption of the career political elite. We get a balance budget amendment to end the Ponzi scheme and the debt slave states and nation. We get smaller, faster, and higher valued government services so that we are not overpaying for services we do not get or need. We get represented government not controlled by a corrupted two-party system and special interest lobbyist who corrupted the systems to benefit the few for the many. We end victimhood politics that frankly hides the abuse and does little to nothing to solve any of the core issues of the victim groups. We need to fix the system that the political elites work within to stop the corruption and power grab.

Frankly, we could under the “Gandhi peaceful mass strike environment” get done politically that which we could not get done in 100 years. If you think we have, “we the people” and 87% of people believe in terms limits then why don’t we have terms limits? Simple the elites make the rules for the elites which means we do not have “we the people”, truly we do not. When you see “we the people” make demands that work and are real then you know that “we the people” is up and running. Today what we have is we the few elite who want to control the many who are the sheep.

Now I ask you do these political elite sound like or look like they representative for all you want them to be for you and your family or do they act like they are your leaders? I find it difficult to find a period of time in my life when I felt like I had a government that represented me. They did not represent me heck lead me, and where did they lead me? Well, they lead me wars I did not believe in, they lead me to taxations that seem unfair, they lead to debt that I did not authorize, and they invested in countries they seem to hate us. They wasted trillions on social issues that never worked in fact they did the opposite of working they broke things.

For the last 50 years they have promised the same things and have yet to deliver on any of it, except once. There is one guy who focused on real change to get America back to work and independent again. He was completely different as he was not a Politician. When I go back in time and look and study the really great leaders, of our Nation they were not politicians they were people who built something and understood that the little everyday American was the driver of all that is America.

Those who have been in congress for more than two terms as far as I am concerned are the problem. I want every day common sense Americans who know how to balance a check book at home, who know how to keep their kids from getting into fights and who teach their kids correct principle and then allow them to govern themselves. I know it sounds simple, but these political elites cannot balance the nations checkbook, they cannot bring stay out of fights and therefore wars and they do not trust the people to govern themselves they want to govern the details of your life and they cannot do that for their own lives.

Just saying the obvious once again.

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