I am so irritated with government telling people they know what’s best for them. Government has
consistent issues running their own programs, yet they continue to regulate for their own best interest. Those
programs are usually badly run and filled with fraud. All levels of government make laws and regulations that
hamper business and curtail people’s freedoms. I live in New Jersey. There’s a zero chance by most to get a
gun carry permit if they choose. If I take a safety course, adhere to regulations, have no arrest record, and file
the correct paperwork, why should I be denied a permit to carry a gun that can save my life or someone else’s
if a situation arises that could put either of us in harm’s way? I tip my hat to the brave men in blue, but they
cannot be everywhere when needed.

We all know that smoking is detrimental for your health but if someone enjoys that vice why should
tobacco be taxed so high that they can’t afford to purchase a pack of cigarettes. Prescription and over the
counter drugs usually come with so many side effect warnings, your almost hesitant to consume it, because of
the chance the side effects are worse than the illness you want to cure. Why does government allow this? It’s
probably because some politician is making money off of the drug company. I heard this scenario time and
time again, always denied of course, yet insider trading is legal on the Senate floor. Go figure. Seat belts, that’s
another one. It possibly will save your life but wearing it should be a driver’s choice. Although I do remember a
time when I was in my teens, I was with my older cousin and his future wife driving on The West Side Highway.
They were in love and he would pull her next to him so they could squeeze into one seatbelt. Ahh… bench
seats, where did those go? Now that I opened that can of worms, look at how boring cars look nowadays. Yep,
you got it, government regulations. Because of constant fuel mileage standards all cars have to be shaped in a
way to create less wind drag. Gone are those beautiful sexy looking cars of the fifties and sixties. No model
ever looking like another model as they all do today. You knew right away what brand vehicle it was, you didn’t
need to look for a nameplate. All that beautiful chrome and those sleekly designed fins GONE! All thanks to a
government that thinks they know what best for The American Public.

Here’s a thought our so-called leaders can discuss: There are a lot of smart people in this country and
in business, let them be free with their ideas. Let businesses grow and prosper without the constricting red
tape of government. Let citizens control their own lives and protect themselves, of course without endangering
others, as they see fit.

Steve Caruso

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