We hear it shouted from the roof tops daily, “follow the science.” We hear it from those who from my perspective neither follow the science, nor do they appear to, understand the science they speak of. It is frustrating to listen to this buffoonery day after day, and week after week. It like watching the medicine man coming into an old western town using his fear tactics to whip up the crowd to solve a problem they do not have, with a solution that would not work if they had the problem in the first place. 

Today we have a group of politicians who talk like and act like they are experts on every subject known to mankind. And that they alone have a superior understanding how to fix it all. That is only if we give them enough money, and time, to make it all happen. Now I do not know about you, but when I look at the results of these group of crazy political elites it honestly appears to me that they have broken infinitely more than they ever fixed. In fact, they seem to be able to break that which was not even broken.

Think about this, this is a group that cannot balance the nations check book, the same group that placed you, your children, and your children’s children into debt. Because they do not know how to budget, they cannot live within a budget which is why you have nearly $30 trillion dollars in debt and nearly $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  To get to this crazy place these brainiacs decided to use political math which for your information is fake math, which is define as math that does not add up, does not work, and will never work. So, to pull this all off they came up with the brilliant idea let’s just print more money. I have grandkids that are smart enough to know the difference between real money and playing with monopoly money. Of course, everyone knows this will end badly for us all, it just nobody wants to tell the truth today for the reality we will all face tomorrow.

Even these political elites know the end of the road is coming on this math equation, which is the world’s largest scale Ponzi scheme ever created. Yes, it was brought to you by these elites from both corrupt parties with one party right now that just became seriously dumber than the other party. In fact, what they are doing right now is so dumb that it is dangerous. What a mess, and we can see it play out on TV, like a daily soap opera. But here is a news flash, soon the soap opera is something you will not be watching, it is something of a nightmare that you will be living. Of course, the solution for the political elites is simple. Find who to blame, which is the game they are always playing. They claim they have a solution which they do not have, then they implement the solution that always has a high price tag which of course never works as they claim. In fact, while they fix one small thing, they actively hide the many things they broke trying to take credit for the small thing that halfway worked.

Now that we are close to the end of kicking the can down the road of our debt and the world debt which we also helped to create, these elites have a new tactic to hide all they have broken for 60 years. Because they have financially broke the back of the country and the crap is about to hit the fan, they have to have a bigger problem than the fact they just wiped everyone out financially. Let us see what can that be? Oh, I got it, the end of the world, that is way bigger than the fact they just placed everyone in the world into financial jeopardy. Yes, yes, forget the fact that we bankrupted your country that is minor because the end of the world will be here in like ten years. So, we have this great idea, we need more money and because we bankrupted so many countries, we need to combine the money of the whole world to save the world. Ok so we screwed up everything up financially, but we can fix the weather because of science.  Look just because you have no money is no big deal if you have no life so focus not on how we wiped you out but focus on how we are now going to save you.

Forget the fact that we cannot balance a check book and that we actually do not understand math, you know the very same math that is the basis for all science. Did you know that 99% of all scientist say that climate change is real? Yes, it is true, and no we do not have that study we can produce that showed the 99% of them that agreed, and besides, we do not have time, the end of the world is near. Trust us the climate is always changing so we need to go green right now. We need to go now because, well because we ran out of road and we need a new story to stay in power and increase the power we have to keep in control and hide what we blew up for the entire world.

As you can see, I am skeptical of liars, cheats, and thieves. But honestly it does not take much to figure out these gang of thieves because all you have to do is follow the money trail to find that they are at the end of it.

So, let us talk about green, shall we? So according to the math and the science we are 25 to 40 years from a breakthrough on green technologies that are truly green and affordable. Yet we have nearly 8 billion people on the planet. Solar panels need fossil fuel to produce, oh man, that is not green. They also have a 20-year life cycle, and they are not biodegradable. On man that is not green. They are great in the desert so let us build large solar farms in the desert. So, using the math these farms are massive, so massive that they change the temperature of the desert and thus the planet and that results in wait for it, climate change. So, let me get this right, I need oil that we hate to build what we think we love but it is not biodegradable so not good for the planet. I need enough of these panels in the desert to make it work but that changes the temperature of the planet. Oh, and I need to keep the oil going to build more of them because they fail after 20 years. Oh, one more thing, its four times more costly and it will triple the poverty level of the world, but we need more money to pay for all this…. So, lets print more money.

Ok solar has its issues so let us talk wind energy. So, wind is cool, no pun intended. And we love the planet and the animals, and each animal is key to the eco system. So, let us ignore the simple fact that in the US the windmills kill 500,000 birds per year, globally we do not know how many nor do we have the data on how many would be killed if we had all the wind energy, we needed to support the planet. Oh, guess what you need oil to make these windmills and they like solar last about 25 years. The giant blades are not biodegradable and have to be buried in wind blade burial sites. Oh, wait that is not so green either. Of course, you need to keep that oil coming to make the windmills and maintain them. 

So here is what the political elites want you to believe. They know the science, they know the math, they know how to pay for it, and they know how to save your life. To do that all you need to do is give them all your money, personal freedoms and allow them to control every aspect of your life. This is the greatest deal that every came into this small Western town of Stupidville, USA. Now just line up here at the wagon and we will sign you all up, cash up front whose first? 

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