Bronx Dems and New York Common Pantry Host Day of Service

Bronx Dems and New York Common Pantry Host Day of Service

By Robert Press

Jamaal T. Bailey, Chair, Bronx Dems, Amanda Farías, Council District 18 Candidate, and Brian Benjamin, NYC Comptroller Candidate put on gloves and get some advice on how to stuff pages with assorted produce items.
 It was called a ‘Day of Service’, at the New York Common Pantry | Bronx Choice Pantry located at 1290 Hoe Avenue and all Bronx Democratic Party endorsed candidates were to be a part of the process of Bagging, and giving various items of food to the people who come to this food Pantry every week to pick up much needed food for their families. 
There were two shifts the real elected officials and the real candidates in the first shift which included State Senator Jamaal Bailey the Bronx Democratic Party Leader,  Council members Rafael Salamanca (17) and Kevin Riley (12) the only full Bronx City Council member running for re-election, City Comptroller candidate Brian Benjamin, City Council candidate Amana Farias (18), and Jessica Flores, Civil Court Judicial Candidate. They and members of the food pantry bagged up the various bags of food.
One of the various piles of bagged food to be given out.
As the first group finished their assignments they took off one by one, including Senator Bailey who had to get to another meeting, they were replaced by City Council candidates Eric Dinowitz (11), Pierina Sanchez (14), Althea Steven (16), and finally Marjorie Velazquez-Lynch (13). 

14th City Council Candidate Pierina Sanchez packing bags of groceries.

13th City Council candidate Marjorie Velazquez-Lynch arrived last and stayed outside to talk. 
Here again all 13th City Council candidate Marjorie Velazquez-Lynch did was hang around and talk as she had a bag of tangerines which she handed one to Jason Laidley the Chief of Staff to Senator Bailey the Bronx Democratic Party Leader, who asked me to leave after I took this photo.


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