Bronx DA: Bronx DA Darcel D. Clark Releases Report on Fatal Shootings of Antonio Williams and NYPD Detective Brian Mulkeen




69-Page Report Outlines Public Integrity Bureau’s Investigation and

Findings; Body-Worn Camera Videos Released

          Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark today released the report on the investigation into the fatal shootings of Antonio Williams and NYPD Detective Brian Mulkeen during a gun-stop encounter in the Edenwald area of the Bronx on September 29, 2019, as well as video of the shootings and the events leading up to them.


  The investigation found that during a struggle, Detective Mulkeen shot Mr. Williams to death, and in the moments that followed, at least one fellow member of the New York City Police Department shot and killed Detective Mulkeen.


            The investigation found that Mr. Williams was in possession of a loaded firearm during a lawful stop and it did not find criminal conduct in the use of deadly physical force by the officers involved. However, the loss of life here presents serious concerns about the NYPD’s use of force, defensive tactics and tactical trainings in their interactions with the public and incidents of “friendly fire.”


           District Attorney Clark said, “This was a singular tragedy that unfolded in seconds and left two men dead and two families with a lifetime of sorrow. It stemmed from the proliferation of guns and gun violence. Detective Mulkeen was dedicated to getting firearms off the streets of the Bronx.


         “I send my condolences to the loved ones and friends of the two deceased young men, whom deserved a thorough, transparent investigation into facts leading up to their deaths. We are releasing the report as well as video footage from the officers’ body worn cameras to provide the public with as much information as possible, because transparency is paramount in keeping the community’s trust. By releasing this report, we are sharing the intricate steps that we took to follow the evidence wherever it led. I will continue to build on community engagement and transparency by exploring the formation of a community advisory committee and publishing more detailed information on our website to explain the policies and protocols of our investigations into the matters involving police accountability. I would welcome an additional review mechanism, like the Office of the New York State Attorney General or an independent prosecutor, to examine the conclusions of my Office’s investigations when no criminal charges are brought.


        “We must work in unison to end the scourge of gun violence. As we examine the report during this somber moment, let us come together in a call to action.”


         District Attorney Clark and the Public Integrity Bureau met with Mr. Williams’ family and their advocates as well as with Detective Mulkeen’s family to inform them of the findings. The timeline for completing this investigation was significantly impacted by COVID-19. The Public Integrity Bureau exercised maximum effort and care by being as thorough as possible to bring facts to light.

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