Bronx Board of Election RCV Day 2

Bronx Board of Elections Rank Choice Voting Count in the 11th and 15th City Council Districts

By Robert Press

Tables were set up at the Bronx Board of Elections for the Rank Choice Voting redistribution of votes if no candidate won over fifty percent of the vote. 
The 11th Council District tables in the background in blue, and the red tables were for the 15th council district. Bins were set out with the candidate names on them, including two bins one marked write in, and the other marked exhausted (for ballots that were void, or when it got to the next round of RCV no longer had a candidate that was not eliminated). 
In the first two days the ballots were separated by candidate, and by each election district in each assembly district. Tally sheets were also made up for each election district in every assembly district in the election. The absentee ballots were added into the election day totals, and in the 11th council district candidate Eric Dinowitz went from 42% to 48% cementing a victory in the 11th City Council. In the 15th council race after the absentee ballots were distributed the leading candidate Oswald Feliz went from 28% to 27%, while second place candidate Ischia Bravo went from 21% to 22%, with third place candidate John Sanchez going up to 21% for a total of 70% of the vote between these three candidates with very little chance of any of the three candidates being able to declare victory until the third place candidate is eliminated.
In the 15th Council District on day two the 12 write in votes were redistributed, with half being exhausted for not having any other candidate listed. That process took over a half hour because every tally sheet had to be adjusted for write in candidates or marked zero for none. The process then began for the tenth place candidate Mr. Ariel Diaz which took over one hour. The ninth place candidate Jose Padilla Jr. was eliminated and his votes had to be redistributed or exhausted ending the RCV process for day two. While there were only about 4,000 votes cast in the 15th district or ten candidates, in the 11th district there were about 9,000 votes cast for only six candidates. 

 You can see the bins with votes in them, and the bins on top of the three leading candidates expected to be needed for votes to be placed in them during the rounds of RCV in the 15th council district.

Here you can see the group of tally sheets that have to be filled out for each Election District for each candidate, and some of the votes to be redistributed carefully not showing any candidates name of where the vote went.

A confident candidate Oswald Feliz who has a slight lead over candidates Ischia Bravo and John Sanchez in the 15th council district before any votes were redistributed.

We should know in a few days if candidate Feliz is indeed the winner or if candidate Bravo or candidate Sanchez pull out a victory in Rank Choice Voting. More updates as the days go by.

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