We are citizens not subjects

I have been quiet for a few months now about what I am seeing going on politically. Its been interesting to simply be quiet. To reflective while at the same time listening, reading, studying and reasoning what I am seeing and hearing. Over the years I have come to believe that the political elites are corrupt, not just a little corrupt by completely corrupt. While political corruption has always been around it seems obvious to me it is now at an all-time high. I think I am pretty good at following the money trail, and the money trail within politics today simply stinks. It’s not small money it is big money. When I say big I mean it is not million or even billions but trillions in payoffs that are spread around the world. Corruption is the nature of politics, and the nature of mankind. Sadly today I am 100% convinced we are constantly lied too, deceived and are being divided by those who are addicted to power, money, fame. I no longer believe in the media, I just don’t because I catch them in too many lies daily. And there is billions in media profit found in their lying and dividing the country. There is zero profit in good news. which is why we don’t see most the good news that is actually there. Unless the media elites can manufacture hate they can’t have high ratings. So they with glee for greed and power for themselves those will give to the masses all the media platforms manufactured bad news because people love watching a train wreck and the media loves a long slow train wreck to make those ratings stretch out for maximum profits. They decided what is news, which murder or death of all the deaths that week they can gin up. When you think about it its kind of sick, because they know all the key words and headlines that will get eyeballs to watch or ears to listen to hype and for that hype they charge advertisers more. Frankly it is nothing to do with the true it just has to be half truth with an untrue headline to be legally safe and profit from the misery of others.


While I have issues with both political parties I have a particular cynical view of the liberal elites. I don’t like them and believe they are downright evil and dangerous. For me they are becoming more and more alarming because of the boldness on so many fronts at the same time. The liberal elites today have highjacked the democratic party and in doing so highjacked our political life, media and technology platforms. If that wasn’t enough these liberals now seek to have absolute power and more power than any other elite political class in US history. It is hard to watch them throw common sense  out the window as we witness in unbelievable ways how they have made wrong appear to be right, and right to appear to be wrong. Its not that right is really wrong, or that wrong is really right. They clearly know the difference and know it’s a lie but have make it seem normal with woke talk, and political correctness that they have grab an unbelievable amount of power over the many. Using socialist tactic as they have done in other countries around the world, they can attempt to control every aspect of the lives of millions of Americans. Frankly they want to control our energy, financing, health and our money. They promise to control the weather, save the planet and all they need to solve all your problems is to control not just our nation but the world. History has seen many times this fools dream of those who want to control the world. They use fear to control the masses, and do so by making science, medicine and religion political. They create wars, conflict and divide millions by masking their language with false bumper sticker quotes of how they will save us all from ourselves. The project to you a world we never really see but they manufacture enough propaganda that millions believe in the lies that it is wide spread, when it is not and yet they tell us this stuff for the sake of their sustain power grab. Those who have a very different view become the hunted because they are a threat to the lust of power they have. Those who claim to solve all of your problems are the problem and those who follow them become a threat to common sense. We need less politics and more common sense. Common sense doesn’t divide, nor seek power nor does it lust for money, glory and power, politics does all that.


I watch those who represent us I wonder where do they think all this nonsense will end. They have shifted from representing us to believing they rule over us. They then set about creating laws to protect their power base to rule over us rather than represent us. We see today that there are two very different classes of people, the everyday citizen and the political elite who have laws that protect their corruption and their profound daily display of their double standards. Frankly its dangerous because history has taught us all that absolute power, corrupts absolutely.


As I watch some of these political, media, and technology elites I honestly believe that some of them are delusional and completely insane, and yet within their hands they have tremendous power over the many to protect the power of few who may not be insane but who are corrupt to the core. Here are just some of the examples of what brothers me.


  1. We have to have ID’s for everything but the ID to vote. For some crazy reason ID laws when it comes to voting are racist. This is a word liberals love, they use it like a heat seeking missile, everything is racist and they have done a unbelievable job in creating one of the most destructive moments in human history, that of victimhood. They have created millions who believe they are victims, and carry victimhood like a badge of honor. The problem with believing you’re a victim is you are dependent on being saved by those who claim that you are a victim. It’s a form of slavey and liberals can only rule over those who believe only a liberal can save them and the world. The only reason for refusing to use common sense voting ID laws we always had is someone needs the power to cheat. I believe cheating happened on a massive scale in the last election when we implement massive mail in votes without the ability to validate the IDs of those turning in those ballets. It brothers me to no end because I know millions feel as I do. I accept the fact that the government that it now attempting to rule over every aspect of my life it not duly elected and is corrupt to the core. Those that are trying to lead over us are dangerous and have the amazing ability to create problems where there are none, and never have the common sense to solve problems when they are known. I believe in the American people, I do not believe in the government that represents us. I just don’t.


  1. We have laws our lawmakers invalidate constantly for the sole reason to retain power. The only reason for that is someone needs the power to cheat and I believe cheating at the border for example is happening on a massive scale. We shut down the American nation for Covid, we mask, we restrict movement, gatherings and yet the rules that apply to the American people do not apply to those who are illegally entering into our country. By the hundreds of thousands they stream into our nation and then are shipped to every state with benefits and protection that is not afforded to the average American. The liberal political elites constantly create victim groups so that they can declare how awful Americans are, and that somehow they are going to fix not America but the American people. They don’t believe in me or you, they only believe in themselves and their profoundly unfair judgement and view of the American people. They are truly dangerous, and what the are doing is evil because they are declaring evil good and good evil and creating infighting where there is no fight to be found except when they enter into any room that happen to walk into.



  1. We have political elites who authorized trillions of dollars in debt for individual American to pay off at some point in time. For 40 years they have done this, because of the nonsense of these radical elites we have nearly $30 trillion in national debt, then add to that the $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities that nobody wants to talk about and then add to that the trillions of debt found within various States budgets. Most of that State debt is found within the most liberal States, States like California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, New Jersey and so forth. Don’t forget union pension funds that also hide their debt and need the government to back channel funds to them. Today we are living in the illusion of wealth, but we are within the matrix because what we see is not real, and what we cant see is hidden.


  1. We have now have a system where politics is quickly becoming the State Religion. Today politics validates what science and scientist that fit a narrative of justified control over the masses. As an American today I have seen our political elites mandate where I can go, what I can do and what businesses it will favor and what businesses it will shut down on a whim. We are starting to see what our country went to war over happening within our own society. We know people with self-proclaim power and special privileges always push for more power which always end badly for everyone. In truth the State is not all knowing and based on the results is rarely right.



  1. In truth the liberals seek an one party ruling class like socialist and communist do everywhere they are at. Once in power their power grows and there is a never ending thirst for more of it. Checks and balances are gone and so is free speech and the right to bare arms. Our constitution was created to avoid it and to protect against it. Our so called law makers are now officially abusing the American people.


There will come a day as liberals over reach the passive nature of the American people will turn aggressive towards those who wanted to rule over them. We are not subjects we are citizens, they are not leaders they are representatives. Millions are watching and hoping, and praying that those who act like they have power will not go to far. Nobody wants a conflict, but like all relationships when the abuse gets to be too much like in the laws of the universe there is a reaction to every action. The truth is the power is not at the top it is at its base, it is with the masses. I am once again just saying what should be obvious to all of us.

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