A Tale of Two New Council Members

Councilman Eric Dinowitz on the go in District 11

By Robert Press

It is a tale of two new Special Election City Council members from the Bronx. While 15th District Councilman Oswald Feliz is mired down in getting training to be a council member, and is missing meetings and events, It is a different tale for 11th Councilman Eric Dinowitz.

Councilman Dinowitz is out and about his council district, and we found Councilman Dinowitz with one of his favorite constituents from Bedford Park Mr. Anthony Rivieccio. We found both not in Bedford Park, but in Woodlawn of all places. Councilman Dinowitz was having one of his ‘In Your District’, where he goes to the people of the district, instead of them coming to him.

Councilman Dinowitz, Staff member Sabrena Campbell (a former staff member of former Councilman Andy King), and the councilman’s favorite constituent ‘Mr. Bedford Park’ Anthony Rivieccio.


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