Street Co-Naming Ceremony for Beatrice ‘BEA’ Castiglia Catullo

Street Co-Naming Ceremony for Beatrice ‘BEA’ Castiglia Catullo

By Robert Press

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning at the corner of Morris Park Avenue and Matthews Avenue, where there was a new street sign to be added under the sign for Morris Park Avenue. Dr. Anderson Torres, President and CEO of R.A.I.N. said that Bea (as she was known to most) is looking down on this ceremony, and is still with us in spirit. A short time later one of the many balloons that were around the street just popped to the laughter of many. 

Beatrice Castiglia Catullo was the founder of R.A.I.N. Total Care Inc. Bea became a nurse in 1947 at Westchester Square Hospital, working there until she founded RAIN in 1964. She gave the organization that name while caring for a patient at the hospital. He was so impressed by her care, and upon learning that she was going to start her own care company he wanted to donate $500,00 to her new company, Bea was asked who to make the check out to, and after looking out the window on a stormy day she said make it out to RAIN, and the rest is history.

Above – R.A.I.N. President & CEO Anderson Torres Talks of Bea, and the vision she had that continues today, even after her passing. A portrait of Beatrice Castuglia Catullo was placed on an easel next to the speakers. 
Below – Councilman Mark Gjonaj  spoke of the many wonderful things Bea did for many communities, and that she was the closest thing to a saint the Bronx has had.
Above – Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. said that when he goes to a RAIN center he is the one who gets tired out from dancing with all the ladies at the RAIN centers. He also said that he is happy to support RAIN.
Below – State Senator Luis Sepulveda said This is all about Bea, and the continuance of RAIN, adding he learned how to play dominoes in a RAIN center in his senate district.



Above – The street sign Beatrice Castiglia Catullo Way is unveiled to the joy of everyone present.
Below – The family was given another street sign for them to have.


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