Joe DeSimone Way

Joe DeSimone Way

By Robert Press


Joe Desimone was many things to many different people. He was a husband, father, uncle, friend, and most of all he was a football coach, to the almost two-hundred people who came to see Joe DeSimone Way unveiled. Joe coached football at Spellman High School before retiring, and going into coaching local neighborhood football at Pelham Bay Park. It is at the corner of Middletown Road and Stadium Avenue that Joe DeSimone Way has been placed. 

William Cawley who also coached football with Joe DeSimone aid Joe was a community person who put the community. Joe’ daughter Alexis spoke of the way she was brought up with values that were taught to her by her father. That he always told her to do things the right way, and that this (the park area) was his favorite place coaching Warrior Football. Jerry Demers began Warrior’s Football in 1952 at the age of fourteen. At age 82 he is still active as the founder and CEO of Warrior’s football now located in Pelham Bay Park with Joe DeSimone as one of the coaches. 

Several others of Joe’s family and football family spoke, until it was time for the family to unveil Joe DeSimone Way. The family was then given official street signs by Councilman Gjonaj for family members to remember the day.


Members of the DeSimone family were provided their own signs to remember Joe DeSimone Way.
Jerry Demers who started Warrior Football in 1952 and is the CEO with Vice-President Jose Garcia and President James Pellicone. Joe DeSimone had taken over running the league in 2015 from a retiring Jerry Demers, who was called back into action when Joe took ill.

Councilman Mark Gjonaj speaks with Joe’s wife Kathy and daughter Alexis after Joe DeSimone Way was unveiled.

William Cawley a former football coach with Joe at Spellman High School, speaks of his experiences with Joe DeSimone, as the covered street sign Joe DeSimone Way awaited to be uncovered in the top left corner of the photo.

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