Bronx LGBT Expo 2021

The Bronx LGBT Expo 2021 – Celebrating the life and Legacy of Jose Ramon

By Robert Press

Thursday June 17th was the Celebration of the life and legacy of Jose Ramon Creator and founder of the Bronx LGBT Expo and the White Shirt Project. Mr. Ramon was diagnosed with PTSD and Depression. However he also was diagnosed with ALS in January of 2020, and lost his battle to ALS on March 14th 2021. It was said that ALS affects 30,000 Americans every year. One person is diagnosed every ninety minutes, while another dies every ninety minutes from ALS.

Mr. Jomil Luna moderated the event which included a panel discussion for many different topics from problems the LGBT community faces to the death of Jose Ramon and the fight against ALS. Connie Pacheco President of Recoveries  Us presented a check for three thousand dollars to Mr. Luna for ALS research. 

Also on hand was local Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez, who spoke about the hope there still is for LBGT members of the community to integrate with the rest of the community saying, ‘We are all one, and have to live together, even as there are forces that will try to stop that’. She added with the laws passed in Albany and the more people we educate, we can change that.

The presentation of the three thousand dollar check by Connie Pacheco.

Assemblywoman Fernandez speaks on the LGBTQ+ community, and the non acceptance by some of them. 

Assemblywoman Fernandez is asked a few questions by the moderator Jomal Luna, and the audience, about what the state is doing to help the LGBTQ+ community.
There were plenty of informational tables set up with various items to educate people on a host of items, and to let people know where they can find various services.

The event took place in the new Destination Tomorrow building on the corner of Barnes and Lydig Avenues.

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