The Home Room

The Home Room

by Melissa Melkonian


American Dream Students are College Bound


Recently my school, the American Dream Charter School in the South Bronx, held a “college reveal” celebration for our graduating class.


American Dream’s nearly 60 graduating seniors—our school’s first—received a total of 450 college acceptance letters.


At the college reveal, held via zoom with the entire school community, the seniors announced where they would be going to college, to the delight of faculty, administrators and parents.  The colleges these seniors will attend in the fall include numerous SUNY and CUNY campuses, as well private colleges such as Fordham University and Cornell University.


“I am a proud mother of American Dream Charter School student,” said Maricela  Zermeño, whose son, Ismael, will be a first-generation college student this fall.  “I give American Dream Charter School thanks for all these years of learning and helping me, so that my son can go to college with his head held high.”


American Dream is a grade 6-12 school located in Community School District 7.  Approximately 85% of our students are Latino, and nearly 20% are English Language Learners.  As the school’s name implies, American Dream is designed to help immigrant and low-income families climb the ladder to economic security.


Helping to make the event a success was the support of our local elected officials.


Assemblymember Amanda Septimo, who represents the neighborhood that American Dream serves and attended the event, said, “It’s really incredible to watch you all reach this milestone.  I’m so proud to know that you’re taking this critical step, and congratulations to American Dream Charter School on this important step in its history.”


Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez, whose district includes several American Dream students and who also addressed our families and students, said, “Congratulations to the class of 2021 of the American Dream Charter School.  I am excited to see what this class will do in the future, and I can’t wait to hear the stories of your continued success.”


As an educator, I could not be prouder of the accomplishments of our students.  With the support their families and the American Dream faculty, they are poised to take the next big step in their academic career.  We look forward to monitoring their progress, as we ready the 2022 class to try and top their accomplishments!



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