Why I won’t get the Vac’s or wear a Mask

Let me talk reasonably about the Vaccine. And because I said the word “Vaccine” Facebook will attach a link to my post about their stated view of the Vaccine. I encourage anyone to read the official view of Facebook and then compare it to my view which of course is not official. And yes I believe in vaccines and have used some and others I have avoided. My body, my choice… to quote my many liberal friends.
It is interesting to note that Facebook will place a link about vaccines to protect you against my little nothing post of an opinion. You need to carefully use your critical thinking as to why that is even remotely reasonable. But somewhere in Facebook world there is a 22-year-old Facebook employee, most likely in San Francisco that wants to make sure you have a quick link to their version of the facts, or in other words their opinions, they claim are facts compared to my simple thoughts and opinions.
Now my view is not official for many reasons. I am not a doctor, or a scientist. I am not a biologist, nor am I an expert on virology. What I express here in the small post will be seen by few, so basically, I am a nobody with an opinion, I am just your everyday average American, I am you.
I am not political ideologue because I dislike the two-party system. This is because I don’t like the rules, they have created to protect their respective parties, nor the rules they use in Congress to run the country. Both parties are working within the same corrupted systems they created for a variety of different reasons. Yet despite there differences they both in reality, protect each other and give each other air coverage for the totally ineffective systems that they have created. The political system is designed to keep them both in power by fixing few things and breaking other things faster than the few things they can fix.
There is a vast difference between a Republican and a Conservative, and there is a vast difference between a Democrat and a Liberal. Because there are really only two parties, Conservatives tend to vote with the Republican Party, just like Liberals tend to vote with the Democratic Party. Which is why more and more people say they are independent yet vote for the better of two evils.
The whole political system is a series of cul-de-sacs and dead ends which is why the simplest things cannot be achieved, and the most complex things that get passed don’t work. The only things that seemed to be passed into law are passed because of the corrupt nature of the law by the two-party system.
One of the things that has gone very wrong is that everything that is not political, has been made political, by these two knucklehead parties. And it is clear to me that both parties are more interested protecting the interest of their respective party, than in protecting the interests of our country. This is why I dislike the Republican and Democratic parties respectfully. Because the system itself is so corrupt it makes honest people who are in Congress inadvertently caught up in the corruption of it all. It truly is the swamp. And the swamp is growing and expanding not just nationally, but globally as well.  So, let me talk about something that is medical in nature, that should never have been made political, namely the vaccine.
Let me go on record… I will not get the vaccine, nor will I enter any building that requires a mask related to COVID. I don’t mind that it will restrict my movement, my travel, and my income. But I do have very good reasons for not doing both. Yet, I do fully support anyone who wants to wear a mask, or get the shot. I understand it’s a personal decision for them and respect every Americans right to do so. But I also require of all Americans the same respect I have always given to others, in making different choices than me.
So here are my views on both the virus and the vaccine. And perhaps it will help you understanding why I and millions of others are not going to get the vaccine or wear a mask. This is not a debate posting for me, it’s just me using my critical thinking of all I have heard from those to the right and left of me. I pretty much feel I am a middle ground thinker on most topics that end up getting political in nature. If I was truly left or right, I would not have any tolerance for anyone who thinks differently than me on this topic.
1. I believe now that the COVID-19 virus is man-made. I believe it was done under the science justification of the “gain of function” theory, that was authorized by Dr. Fauci at the University of North Carolina. After the CDC understood more clearly the danger of working on this kind of virus, Dr. Fauci was told by the CDC to stop it, and stop it he did. At least he stopped in the United States where the CDC has the full authority to mandate things like dealt viruses.
2. Dr. Fauci then sends the virus and its studies to the Wuhan labs in China to continue with his so-called science. This now means he is not technically breaking US law, because it’s not being done on US soil. He then also side channels millions in R&D money to the Wuhan labs via several what I would call font companies to again work around our laws. Of course, in my mind there seems to be a higher law that is obvious to me. Which is you don’t create a virus that can potentially wipe out the entire human race. I am not a scientist, but I am human, with common sense. And it seems very stupid to me, that anyone including someone with the title Doctor would think that creating a virus that could kill millions of humans on a global scale was a good thing to do for any reason!
3. I am sorry, but I have watched Dr. Fauci speak on TV all the time. At first, I was impressed with him, but at some point, after changing his opinion like a yoyo on every topic. I concluded that as smart as he seemed to be, he really didn’t know what he was doing. He was only guessing, and because he kept changing his mind, he was guessing wrong all the time. In addition, I have read the emails that he didn’t want the public to see. And now with that knowledge I do not think he is an honest broker of medical advice; he is today more of a political hack than a medical professional. And clearly thousands within the medical community don’t trust or like him, and many see him as dangerous and irresponsible. I suppose in part it’s because the guy who is the father of the virus is now trying to save us all from what he created. I am sorry but you don’t get to set the fire, and then act like you’re the fire chief hero. You are still the guy who set the fire. That hero status he likes to portray, just doesn’t make sense to me.
4. Now according to the science my own immune system is 99.8 effective against the virus. Yet the vaccines depending on which one you take ranges from 65% effective to 92% effective against the virus. So, why would I not go with the science that states my natural immune systems are more effective than a man-made vaccine fighting a man-made virus? The answer is I am following the science of the human immune system that has been refined over a millennium of time. I trust my body more than I trust Dr. Fauci, who was wrong every time he changed his opinion, which means he was wrong more often than he was ever right.
5. When I look at the mask worn in the labs to protect against the COVID virus, those masks look nothing like the masks everyday people are wearing around me. The virus is smaller than the fibers on the mask. This means if I can suck air though the mask, and I am blowing air out through the mask then all of us can suck in and blow out virus particles are smaller than the mask. Which means I am breathing in and out the virus through the masks. Therefore the masks are not a solution in fact they are a problem. Because mask wearing throughout the day is toxic. In the lab they wear special masks, suits, and breathing devices then pumps in fresh air so you are not breathing in your own air that is made toxic. Everybody gets the flu virus, because COVID is a virus everyone will get COVID.
6. I don’t like being played and what I mean by that is, I know the difference between dying “of” COVID and dying “with” COVID. Those that died “with” the flu are very different than those who died “of” the flu. But the media never reported the difference and played with our emotions making everyone who had COVID died of it, that wasn’t a lie it was instead propaganda. Finally, if you go to the CDC website you can see that less than the 8% of those that died “with “COVID died “of” COVID. Which means that the death rate of COVID was much like the death rate of the common flu. Now I want you think about the difference between reality and created perception really is. Yet those with great power shut down the world economy, travel, and then masked the world when we never did anything like that for the flu. Now granted, I know that COVID makes you sicker than the flu but if both can kill you at basically the same rate then is seems to me the overreach of the governments worldwide had and still has a whole other purpose. While I have my opinion of why they did it, for this discussion it doesn’t matter. But the logical reasons are not good at all.
7. The vaccine for COVID has a higher death rate with it than all the other vaccines combined in total for the last 15 years. That 15 year comparisons of total deaths is only compared to the first six months of deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine. While they say it safe, it wasn’t safe for all the people it killed. Yep, nothing is perfect but this vaccine based on videos of those who have truly suffered after taking it are to me shocking. Now they are saying those who got the shot still have to wear the masks. Which means they really don’t know if it works. Who the hell is in charge of common sense. Because it ain’t Fauci or the government. Something is very wrong and something is hidden from our collective view. The data for all related data points on COVID have not been transparent. And lack of transparency is why millions around the world don’t trust that they are getting the whole truth about anything to do with Covid. What a mess!
8. Every privacy law of our country is now being broken by companies who are mandating shots by government agencies for employment. And now we are ask publicly about our vaccine status, information within your own private personal medical history are fast becoming public domain. What is even more shocking is that officials are now suggesting that kids going to school who didn’t take the vaccine have to be masked. Talk about walking around with a Scarlet A on your clothing, or a yellow star of David on your jacket while walking in Germany that insured everyone knew who you were for the purpose of shaming you. No wonder millions of parents are moving kids to private schools to avoid insane thinking found within the socialist leadership of the teachers Union. Think about what kind of person it takes to think about this level of how to shame our children. When you do you will start to understand how wrong all this is and those who would think to do such a shame thing to our kids. It’s just truly evil.
9. Once you take the vaccine shot you will be taking the yearly updated versions it all of your life. You will be placing your trust into the Dr. Fauci’s of the world who are only playing God. They are not God. Some scientist and doctors believe that the shot will overreact on the variant virus these variants of the virus always result when a virus morphs. And if that happens then those with the shot have a much higher death rate than those without the shot. In addition, it may be possible that those with the shot are more dangerous to every other human than those without the shot. But who knows? I don’t know, but I don’t like others guessing with my life, the lives of my family and friends. I don’t mind those who are willing to bet their future lives on the shot, I am just not one of them. As the virus morphs who knows how truly bad Dr. Fauci’s science experiment will affect the whole human race. Hell, this one guy could go down in history has the one person who over time wiped out the entire human race. But if that happens, guess what? There is no history because the last person standing will have no one to tell it to. It will have been as if we were never here on earth.
10. I am a nobody, but I can reason, and I can think, and I do listen. This whole thing seems crazy insane to me. It’s a 50/50 crapshoot, of whose right about this in a sea where everyone has been wrong at some point on all of it. Do I trust Dr. Fauci? Nope, not even a little. Do I trust the government to get it right? Nope, because right now I see very little of anything they do that is right. I made it to 69 years old by listening to that small little voice rolling around in my head. It has served me well. I don’t think I want to listen to whatever is rolling around Fauci’s head because he created the dang virus and to me that is more stupid than all the stupid things, I have done in my entire life combined.
So read the link that Facebook will place on this post, read my thoughts and read their thoughts and decided what you think…
Just saying the obvious once again.😏



Dennis A. Conforto

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