To The Editor:
I am aiming this piece toward all of the “moderates, “centrists”, and “independents” out there
because I believe that they are the only ones who have any kind of an open mind about politics these days. As a 1960s Bobby Kennedy-style of a “LIBERAL Democrat,” I believe that many of today’s “Progressive Democrats” are losing votes for us by how much that they overly-focus on the “identity-politics” and “cultural-wars” issues that many conservative-Republicans are also overly-obsessed about.  The way that progressives pander to , suck up to, and grovel to every conceivable identity-group turns off a lot of people.  But the most ridiculous one is their dwelling on one’s choice of “pronouns” as a way to identify oneself.
Let’s bring back the good old days when Democrats focused primarily on the “ECONOMIC”
and bread-and-butter issues such as protecting and enhancing the “social safety-net” social programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and College Student Loans.
If I can speak for myself, my overall “identity” is that I have a lot of love, caring, empathy, and compassion for all people who suffer in life.
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