Rally Against proposed 8 story building in Throggs Neck

Rally Against Bruckner Blvd. Rezoning Plan for Eight Story Building Where Foodtown Supermarket Currently Sits

By Robert Press

Almost two-hundred people came to stand on the sidewalk, and in the street on the Crosby Avenue side of the Super Foodtown there to voice their opposition to the proposed eight story building slated to be built on the lot containing the supermarket and its large parking lot by Throggs Neck Associates LLC. Three other buildings are proposed that will go across Bruckner Boulevard from Crosby Avenue to Revere Avenue spanning several empty stores, and some still occupied. 

Area resident and former City Council candidate John Cereni opened the rally by saying that this proposal would destroy the community of one and two family homes. He went through the proposed up zoning of the area from a maximum of four stories to the zoning that would permit eight stories where the Foodtown Supermarket is. Mr. Cerini said, ‘what would then prevent other eight story building from coming into the area. He added no current elected officials were there to protest with the group. Councilman Mark Gjonaj is out of the country. 

City Council candidate Aleksander Mici said that there are major quality of life problems when a building such as the one proposed is built. There are increases in crime, and that he will stand with the community against the eight story building that is proposed. Other community leaders spoke against the eight story building proposal, and area residents are perplexed if they should move while they can get a high price for their homes or stay and fight the Eight Story building proposal. 

This 20,000 Square Foot supermarket, and the fifty-plus parking lot at the corner of Bruckner Blvd. and Crosby Avenue that is proposed to become an eight story mixed use residence with a supermarket on the bottom floor of the new building. 

Two big empty stores on the next block from the Foodtown, while three small stores remain open next to the Foodtown.

The crowd of around two-hundred people who came out to protest an eight story building going where there is currently a Foodtown supermarket. 

Aleksander Mici, candidate for city council stands at the Mike, Bob Jaen of the Throggs Neck BID, John Cerini organizer of the rally, and Community Board 10 Housing and Zoning Committee Chair Louis Popovic (front row).

Former Assemblyman Steve Kaufman, and legal counsel for the Throggs Neck BID, explains what could happen if the Foodtown proposal goes through. His law office is in one of the buildings slated to be torn down if the entire proposal goes through.

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