Bronx Tenants Unite to Stop Deregulation

Bronx Tenants Unite to Demand Landlord Drop Deregulation Application and

Address Ongoing Building Concerns


New Settlement’s membership-driven tenant organizing project, Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA), today held a press conference outside 1220 Shakespeare Avenue in the Bronx to demand Emerald Equity Group drop its application to New York State Division of Housing and Community (DHCR) to deregulate 272 rent-stabilized units.


Bronx tenants from 1187 Anderson Avenue, 1191 Anderson Avenue, 1195 Anderson Avenue, 1220 Shakespeare Avenue, 1210 Woodycrest Avenue and 1230 Woodycrest Avenue united at the conference to oppose the landlord’s application and demand persistent building issues including leaks, mold, unpatched holes and others be addressed. Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner (D-Bronx, 77th AD) also took the podium and spoke in support of the tenants. Led by Isaac Kassirer, Emerald Equity Group took over the 6 buildings in 2019 and has been slow to make necessary repairs or adequately acknowledge tenants’ concerns.


About New Settlement

Rooted in the Bronx, New Settlement stands with community members to break systemic barriers, advance justice, promote leadership and strengthen neighborhoods. By ensuring agency around education, employment, housing, wellness and creative expression, the organization helps cultivate an equitable society where individuals and families have the power to use their voice to create the change they wish to see.

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