Mayor de Blasio, How Did I Catch COVID After My Second Vaccination

How Did I Catch COVID After Getting My Second COVID Vaccination Shot, Mayor de Blasio?

By Robert Press

On August 31st I received my first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine at Jacobi Hospital. I chose Jacobi Hospital, because I wanted to be vaccinated at one of the top NYC hospitals, where I knew a professional would be administering the vaccine. The first vaccination went perfect, as I did not feel anything, and had no after effects. 

My second vaccination was for September 21st three weeks after the first vaccination. For my first vaccination the needle was all set, and I was out One, Two, Three. For my second vaccination the nurse who was giving me the shot took the needle and drew the vaccine from a bottle. My first vaccination was quick, but the second shot seemed to linger longer than the first vaccination. I went home, and then things went downhill. I was told to hydrate myself, and drink plenty of water, 

My head became very hot, and I experienced the symptoms of COVID. It got so bad that I thought I was going to die at some point. The fever broke on the second day, but I still could not walk to the bathroom without bumping into a wall. I could not breath through my nose, and my senses of taste and smell were gone for half the day. 

All I want to know Mayor de Blasio, What was in that second shot that made me feel as if I was going to die? Was it too much vaccine, too little vaccine, or something else?

Booths were set up, and you went into the one when your name was called.

This was the table you checked in at and were given forms to fill out. Even though it was a free vaccination, your insurance information was requested, so your insurance company would be charged for the vaccination.

Building 4 was where the COVID vaccination shots were being given at Jacobi Hospital.

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