Launch of Healthy Lifestyles Month

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 Was the Official Launching of Healthy Lifestyle Month

By Robert Press

NYCDOE Bronx Public Schools, under the leadership of Dr. Erika Tobia, The Executive Superintendent, has officially adopted a Healthy Lifestyle campaign for all Bronx schools.
This year however, elected officials were the ones reaching out to us to make the entire month of October a Healthy Lifestyle Month.
Soon-to-be City Councilwoman Hon. Amanda Farias were given the honor to assist in sponsoring this game-changing health and wellness initiative in their respective legislative chambers. 
With this amazing collaboration of leadership in the quest to transform our current health and wellness conditions as well as closing the existing health disparities, we will save thousands of lives and billions of dollars in public resources.  This is the most prudent and fruitful investment in New York. 
Lifestyle plays a prominent role in every disease that is killing us, in addition to being the determining factor for the quality of our lives.  LIFESTYLE LIFESPAN!
We’re extremely grateful to our elected leaders who have committed to this transformative campaign, because every neighborhood is transformable by a sustained healthy lifestyle campaign like ours. 
Against the backdrop of the above developments, we’re hereby officially welcoming the first Healthy Lifestyle Month to be formally adopted by our city and state legislators.  Nothing is more urgent, considering the ongoing pandemic that has excruciatingly highlighted the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  We’re grateful!
We encourage you all to organize healthy lifestyle activities and events in your neighborhoods. Get your political, religious and community leaders involved.  Work with schools and other organizations that serve the youth said Ms. Pamela Stewart-Martinez,  the Chairperson of the Healthy Lifestyle Day, who is also the Female District Leader of Bronx’s 87th Assembly District.
October is #HealthyLifestyleMonth
First Tuesday in October is #HealthyLifestyleDay
#not62 #lifestylelifespan

With the proliferation and exponential growth of organic products, plant-based menus and healthier beverages coupled with a strong increase in public curiosity of centuries-old religious dietary guidelines, give us the opportunity to return to the wonders of natural living.  As we’re all aware, nature is built on an unadulterated system in which all of its components are perfectly customized to work symbiotically and seamlessly including our amazing human bodies.  

For this trending reality, it is therefore reasonable to foresee this nascent industry of healthy products and services to continue to expand worldwide.  This new consciousness of the importance of healthy living has unquestionably ushered in a paradigm shift in the attention given to the importance of healthy lifestyle in the 21st century forward. Religious Foods Festival is added to the Healthy Lifestyle Month activities.

It’s an irrefutable fact that the cost of unhealthy lifestyles on precious lives and resources is unsustainable, inequitable, and has resulted in a painfully sustained health disparities among haves and have nots.  As a result, October is designated Healthy Lifestyle Month to highlight these disparities and seek their remedy through education, inspiration and investment in health and wellness programs. 

Activities on Healthy Lifestyle Day were:

1.     Healthy cooking exhibition

2.     Healthy menus from eateries

3.     Healthy beverage marketing

4.     Religious Foods Festival

5.     Physical Activity demonstrations

6.     Mental Health training

7.     Healthy relationship sessions

8.     Financial management forums

9.     Health and wellness seminars

Among the participants were:

1.     Government agencies

2.     Educational institutions

3.     Medical institutions

4.     Restaurant & Beverage Industries

5.     Plant-Based Diet organizations

6.     Religious organizations.

7.     Media Networks.

8.   Politicians & United Nations diplomats

Dr. Erika Tobia Bronx Public Schools Executive Superintendent with Healthy Lifestyles Founder  C, and Ms. Pamela Stewart Martinez. 


Representing the 43rd Precinct, Deputy Inspector Ramsey. The 43rd Precinct is a partner in Healthy Lifestyles.


Incoming City Councilwoman and partner Amanda Farias speaks as Incoming Bronx Borough President Vanesa Gibson and Sheikh Musa Drammeh are on the stage.


The New York City Department of Health was represented by these three women.


New York Project Hope was another information table.


A group photo of the founders of Healthy Lifestyles, elected officials, and some of the vendors.

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